#MONOMAD : Black and White Behind the structure of the fly's eye

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge organized by @monochromes in the art of black and white photography in this #BlackAndWhite community.

This is a black and white photo of a fly that I took using a macro lens for a smartphone, here I use two lenses, the first lens I use is an extreme lens for macro and a 35 mm macro lens, I took a photo of this fly in the afternoon here I use a golden light afternoon sun to explain the object that I shot. In the first photo I tried to take details of the fly's eyes and the fly's face, it took a close and slow way to get this object. Because if you move a lot, the flies will avoid because they feel disturbed.



And the photo below I use a 35 mm macro lens with a larger distance and viewfinder to take the object we are going to. These flies land on the leaves and here I am still using the sunlight from the sun.




The photos of the flies above are the results of my work which I shot using the Vivo X70 Pro smartphone camera and extreme macro lens and 35 mm macro lens for additional smartphone cameras.

Best Regards @uyapapua


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thank you very much @qurator and thank you very much to @brumest

intresting , would love to see an image of those macro lenses you use just to inspire others .