Motion Blur Madness - Monomad!

Very seldom do I decide to do this and 8 out of 10 times I fail.. I still haven't gotten a hang of shooting these kind of pictures but when I'm working as an extra photographer for an event, I tend to take such chances..

In simple english, these shots are created by keeping the shutter speed slow.. What we also do is not connect the lens to the camera while taking the shot to get in more effect.. And that's why it doesn't always pull off..

But, I'm content with these pictures.. Maybe will post the bloopers some day..













These two aren't motion blur shots.. Just low shutter speed.. Adding it here because I didn't want to do a post for just two pictures..




Love how they turned out though 😮

 last year  

Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours.
Thank You very much for participating and for being part of the Black And White Community!

Thank u so much!! Means a lot!!

fun thing to do, but a lot of try and error :)

i never done it with lens not attached to the camera. most of the times i do it with zoom lens, zooming in or out, or with just movement of the camera.

cool shots.

Yeah, the try and error is the issue.. Worth the risk only in some situations..

not a smart thing to do when something important is happening 😂. i usually tend to do it when i am bored and there is not a lot happening.

Yes yes.. this was dance.. so was able to risk.. Plus we work as a team, so there are like 2-3 photographers.. Hence was able to take a chance..

Great images! 1, 3, 5, 12 are the best. Probably, 5 is my favorite.

Thank u very much.. The drink picture is something I still think I was lucky with..

Great technique and I like them all, the 7th one I think is the best one though

Thank you.. Had once taken part in a metro photography competition and I came in the top 10 for a pictures I shot of a mom holding her kid.. Almost a similar picture so this appreciation means a lot.. Thank u once again..

Nice experimental technique, great results 💪🏽😎👍🏽

Thank u

welcome 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼
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