MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Three days in the desert – the way to heaven.

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Three days in the desert – the way to heaven.

A few weeks ago I went to the South to visit my son and to spend a few days in his company in the magic Ashram in Desert spiritual center and guesthouse located 90 km from Eilat. These days were days of Purim declared as curfew and hardly limited for the massive celebrating. But it was a great period of a few days off so I decided that the time is now.

I was too busy at work and it was difficult for me to find free time to review the photographs I photographed during this trip. I just saw only a few images I took during my stop at Mizpe Ramon city to stay for a half-hour at the edge of the natural Crater Ramon, but now started browsing the whole taken photographs. As you can see, I was lucky with the weather – these clean of clouds sky, not too hot sun and a little bit chill winter wind – all the attributes of the great time I had in the desert. Three days of not to think about the news, the vaccination, the lockdowns, the masks, the physical distance, and about my job.

Today my photo series is about my way to the desert. I stopped my car a few times – for a lunch and to enjoy the landscapes which opened to my eyes on the way.
The empty stones, an empty surface burned under the hot sun, the trees here and there and for my surprise also not empty roads, full of traveling people in their cars or on their bicycles.

Partially taken from my published right now blog post :
Three days in the desert – the way to heaven.

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@tipu curate 2

huge thank you !

You're very welcome :)

I've only ever seen balancing rocks which were balanced near a river before, but I suppose a sea of sand is similar in it's own way. Lovely shots.

thank you for taking a look and for the kind words.
these rocks become balanced everywhere where they exist and this kind of "nature" art is possible. :-)

Perfect moment to visit desert! Beautiful landscapes! 🙌🏼

thank you Ela !

Yay! 🤗
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