Monomad : Hunting Two Types Of Insects

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this is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes.


good night to all,
For today's opportunity I will again try to share some photos of the two types of insects that I found a few days ago when I started looking for them in the flowers in my yard, at first I didn't know these insects were there, after I tried to take some the photo of the flower turned out to have a very unique insect in the flower, because the standing position was not good I tried to touch the flower and it was strange that this animal suddenly fainted and fell down,

because I lost track of it I was looking for another insect but I was standing right on a white flower, I also tried to approach my lens without touching anything around this animal I was afraid the same thing would happen, this insect for me is very unique it has only one eye and one long nose, the pattern on the body also looks like there are small holes and the skin is very hard, this insect is a type of insect obstacle








the second animal that I found was a small green grasshopper which has two long hind legs as one of the power to jump and move from one place to another, this grasshopper cannot fly because of its large body and short wings, here are some photos which I have prepared.





those are some of the photos I was able to share on today's #monomad challenge Hope some of my shots make you like my shots today.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

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What a strange and microscopic world the world of insects is!
Fortunately, we have the ability to "spy" on them with the macro function!
I notice that in all the photos we have a very strong Bokeh effect: in terms of depth of field, we can consider it on the order of a few cm.. The question is this: do all lenses in macro minimize the field to emphasize the subject more, or is this a setting you can change?

thank you, yes of course every macro lens has a distance and how big the object can be captured