#monomad challenge for today - Tea Time vol.3

Hello Hive friends, for today's #monomad challenge I am continuing my petite tea journey. How awesome it is to enjoy your favorite cuppa and some delicious bites with it? I love this tea time and sometimes my wife treats me with a high tea and that's where I put out my camera. I hope you like it. Here are vol.1 and vol.2 for everyone who is fond of this black and white.

554545 (1).jpg

554545 (2).jpg

554545 (3).jpg

554545 (4).jpg

554545 (5).jpg


Ciao piacere di conoscerti complimenti bellissime foto
Ti auguro una buona giornata

Grazie mille


Hmmm Sachertorte, good choice. !PIZZA


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