#Monomad Challenge - Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, Lisboa

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Good afternoon, #Monomad friends

From one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the city of Lisbon, I'd like to share a set of photos with you today. If there's one thing I like to do, as I've mentioned several times here, it's to be in the city with no time limit, and lose myself in walking around and observing my surroundings. Seeing the city through the eyes of a tourist always brings good surprises for those of us who used to walk around in automatic mode. Capturing the essence of contrasts, black gradations and the fluoroscence of brights and whites is something I really enjoy.

The famous Glória elevator.
The stop at the top of Calçada da Glória, next to São Pedro de Alcântara

Welcomed on a large terrace with a fantastic view over beautiful Lisbon

It's relatively rare to have a small space to photograph without someone leaning over it

The view to the east of the city, with the Moorish Castle at the top of the hill

The best time to enjoy the view... in the evening. Perfect balance of tones and colors

It wasn't until I saw the result of the photograph that I realized the rose petal-shaped designs formed by the small waves on the surface of the water in this fountain...


I hope you enjoyed my post here in the B&W community

Bem Hajam 🍀

Photographic edition with PhotoScape X



Great shots! Lisbon is such a photogenic city. I only got to spend a half day there so far but I will surely come back for more one day :) Cheers!

@tipu curate

If you have a entire weekend is the best choice. Lisbon has a lot of things to see, and only one day might be insufficient... But better then half of a day :P

I know, I can imagine that not even a year would be enough to discover all the beauties of the city :) It was just a stop over on my way from the Azores back to continental Europe. I really hope to come again for at least a few days ;)

Well, I'm almost sure that you loved Azores. So it was for a "good" cause 😅

I did. Had the privilege to spend 7 months on Sao Miguel. Too bad 4 of them were during the strictest covid lockdowns though :(

For the Azores Archipelago I only know Terceira Island. I have to visit the other nine!!!

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @ackhoo for the manual curation, and the @quorator Team for the support :)

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