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Last week we witnessed lots of surprises for Steem community and 'communities' being one of them. Many people still don't get the point of having communities and just label it as posting against tag only. I believe this is just a start and communities will evolve out to be strong foundation for Steem community in future.

Many of us are still surviving crypto winter but Steem community has never been fully barren throughout these tough times. I am happy to announce collective curation support guild formed by @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale. The primary objective of this community to highlight GEMS of community which normally go un-noticed.

You can post your genuine and creative content in this community to get more visibility. I know you can't post directly in multiple communities right now. I am personally not a fan of cross-posting but it is the only solution available right now by SteemPeak which allows you to cross-post in multiple communities. I do like beneficiary features because if you want to reward original author some more than 90% of beneficiary rewards are already set. For more details, you can checkout following post by SteemPeak.
Introducing the "Community Cross Posting" Feature

If you want to onboard your friends or family and they are still waiting in queue for account verification process then you can contact us in discord for more speedy process of account creation.

There are no strict rules at all to share your content in this community or tag requirement for now. We do expect you to refrain from plagiarism and stick to basic Steem community values.

We'll be focusing more on content published in this community but it does not mean that curation is restricted to this community only. You might have already seen our unofficial support to other curation initiatives and support groups on blockchain and that will continue as usual.

Keep in Touch

Do subscribe to this community to see GEMS of the community:

You can also join our discord to hangout and engage more with community
Join GEMS discord


That's impressive. The collaboration of 3 Big stake holders, could make a huge difference. looking forward to the activities of GEMS community. Cheers !

Thanks, looking forward to it.

What a great Initiative I have joined the community :)

Thank you :)

Hi @bluemist
Feeling good being part of your community..
Thank you very much..

You are welcome.

Nice to see it. I am going to subscribe the community right now.

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Appreciate it, see you around I guess

Cool! I didn’t know of this community until now. I received a some nice support from upmewhale which was a pleasant surprise! Will join the community!

More surprises on the way!

Nice community!

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Thank you!

I would love to join this community. I have see you curating excellent content and this initiative will definitely benefit many good content creators. Well done!

Hoping the same thing, thank you!

Seems like an awesome idea. Hopefully, people keep the crossposting down to a maximum of once or twice per post.

People are still getting around on how to cross-post but good suggestion
Thank you!

Well, I just tried out the community. OC only for me. But I did make a few random communities and accounts were I will make use of the crossposting feature to get content in there while it is growing.

Nice to see bid bots collaboration, which can bring Steem to next level!

We all have common goal, which to work for betterment of Steem community

Happy to be part of this amazing community with great collaborations.

Your presence is appreciated.

Hey @bluemist
This is super exciting and thanks for sharing this update. I am gonna join the community and discord .. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you so much.

I am so happy to became a member of this amazing community 😍😍

Glad to know you are part of community

Feeling Good

I think that is good

What an exciting news!

Glad to know you found it exciting

Congrats for stepping up. All 3 of these bots have enormous amounts of SP which can be used to motivate users to not quit and also highlight the so called GEMS.

Subscribing asap

Thank you
That is the ultimate goal - User Retention

The new changes implemented last week puzzled many of content creators. I am still learning my way around the new interface and features. The cross-posting feature is it the only way to feature our content in multiple communities?

Yes, right now cross-posting is the only to post in multiple communities.

Yeah!! Welcome the new community! I'm already in! Thank you!!! 💜

You are welcome!

Great work @bluemist I was introduced into the GEMS few hours ago and I already see so many people join in a couple of hours I guess. Great team work. You guys are really doing great hard work for Steem to survive. I will work towards bringing more people into the Steem Community and I will contact you for account creation soon. @upmewhale , @rocky1, @appreciator you are what people called true GEMs.

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Thank you so much!

It's very impressive. It's good that they're growing every day.

Thank you.

I just posted my first post in the new Gems Community. I hope that I did it correctly, still learning all these recent new features. Which are really awesome by the way, so please have some $trdo √

It did went fine, congratulations!

Yesssssss! It did , thank you 🙃

Quite an interesting idea, I will definitely join in and be quite involved in the community. Thanks for the support, @bluemist

You are much welcome.

I have subscribed to the community. Cheers to you guys for creating one @appreciator @rocky1 @upmewhale

Being a part of Steem Community as a crypto writer has been a challenge for many out here including myself. This will surely help in many ways.

Thank you for this wonderful post @bluemist

You are much welcome.

I like this joint venture, it will uplift bloggers.

Thank you, I hope so too.

Sounds like a great initiative. Is it possible to nominate someone else´s posts here?

Anyone can post in community by following basics guidelines but you can also cross-post someone's post.

Alright. Fair enough. It sometimes still happen to me too that a post that I put some serious effort in, gets relatively unnoticed but I would probably feel a bit awkward to post something to this group with my rep... So you think it would be ok?

Just go for it.

Ok, just gave it a try :) Thanks.

Congratulations @bluemist!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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I am going to subscribe to this community #gems right now, thanks for the information its all so much to take in right now! If you get a chance please check out my latest Appics posting I will try to tag it in #gems , thanks so much, really love what you guys @appreciator @bluemist @upmewhale @rocky1 do for the community it's much Appreciated!👍👌❤✌Upped and resteemed to help spread the word
EDIT IN; I just joined the awesome GEMS Community!

Awesome thank you @appreciator !❤✌👍👌


Just double checking if it okay to use the crosspost to the GEMS community? The communities feature is definitely interesting, but being only able to post to a single community is quite a pain point at the moment...

Yes, its ok.

Thanks, I will post from an alt account to avoid triggering any automatic votes.

This is superb collaboration to support nice content creators. Just now subscribed and joined the community. Will submit my post soon. Thanks.

An excellent novelty on the platform, @bluemist.
Thanks for informing.

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¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

También puedes seguirnos en el discord de RadioSteemit

¡¡¡Canal de discord RadioSteemit!!!

Hi @bluemist! I am thrilled to be part of this community!! Thank you!

You are welcome.
There is a slight update in tag though, its now

Wow, good community and join the discord

Thank you.

How good I already subscribed to your community. I like to publish also drawings, tutorials, can you publish in your community?

I am not sure if you are still supporting posts on Steemit @appreciator @bluemist @rocky1 @upmewhale , but if you are I'm sure will love my latest posting that took me all day to complete from baking the mini Appics pies to uploading and editing 20 pics It was one of my posts yet! Thanks so much!
Here is my link


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