LA VOZ CANTANTE SEMANA #53_Trumpet/Voice Cover of Sinach "REJOICE" by @Ovey10_ENG/ESP

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LA VOZ CANTANTE SEMANA #53_Trumpet/Voice Cover of Sinach "REJOICE" by @Ovey10_ENG/ESP



Good day my friends and family of Hive and the Pukumundo family, it's another great week of the singing voice (La Voz Cantante) and I bring to us a cover of "REJOICE" by Sinach one of the best gospel Nigerian artist. This is a song of praise and thanksgiving to God for all He has done and even what He's about to do. Sometimes it doesn't mean all is going well with us but the best thing we can ever do to God is to give Him thanks no matter what comes our way. I see worship as a culture and way of life of a believer because that is basically the main purpose of our creation. When we have the Godly spirit in us we don't care what comes our way because we are destined for greatness through Jesus Christ our savior. We have presented this song with my church band around 2021 of which my role was the winds man. I didn't have a hard time making my video because it's a song I've onced learn with the choir thou I decided to make this one a bit unique in my own way. I recorded with my voice so that the wordings of the song will reach out well to you all my listeners, after the voice I played the other part of the song with the trumpet and I hope this makes sense to you all my listeners and supporters. Lots of appreciation to the admins and moderators of this noble community @nahupuku and @orimusic for creating this special platform where we can share our amazing rock songs and learn from others posts too.



Buen día mis amigos y familiares de Hive y la familia Pukumundo, es otra gran semana de la voz cantante (La Voz Cantante) y les traigo un cover de "REJOICE" de Sinach uno de los mejores artistas de gospel nigerianos. Este es un canto de alabanza y acción de gracias a Dios por todo lo que ha hecho e incluso por lo que está por hacer. A veces no significa que todo nos vaya bien, pero lo mejor que podemos hacerle a Dios es darle gracias sin importar lo que se nos presente. Veo la adoración como una cultura y forma de vida de un creyente porque ese es básicamente el propósito principal de nuestra creación. Cuando tenemos el espíritu de Dios en nosotros, no nos importa lo que se nos presente porque estamos destinados a la grandeza a través de Jesucristo, nuestro salvador. Hemos presentado esta canción con la banda de mi iglesia alrededor de 2021 de la cual mi papel era el hombre de los vientos. No me costó mucho hacer mi video porque es una canción que una vez aprendí con el coro. Decidí hacer este un poco único a mi manera. Grabé con mi voz para que la redacción de la canción llegue bien a todos mis oyentes, después de la voz toqué la otra parte de la canción con la trompeta y espero que esto tenga sentido para todos mis oyentes y seguidores. Muchas gracias a los administradores y moderadores de esta noble comunidad @nahupuku y @orimusic por crear esta plataforma especial donde podemos compartir nuestras increíbles canciones de rock y aprender de las publicaciones de otros también.


Song Lyrics".


I'm gonna dance and praise Him
It doesn't matter what comes my way
The greater One lives inside of me
His name is Jesus
I'm born a winner
More than victorious
I'm a heir of His kingdom
Filled with the Holy Ghost

I rejoice in Him
I rejoice in Him
I rejoice in Him
More than a conqueror
I rejoice in Him
I rejoice in Him
I rejoice in Him
More than a conqueror

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Voy a bailar y alabarle
No importa lo que venga a mi manera
El más grande vive dentro de mí
su nombre es jesus
nací ganador
Más que victorioso
Soy un heredero de Su reino
Llenos del Espíritu Santo

Me regocijo en El
me regocijo en el
me regocijo en el
Más que un conquistador
me regocijo en el
me regocijo en el
me regocijo en el
Más que un conquistador

Thank You

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Welcome to the 53rd week of our pukuconcurso and thank you very much for bringing us your participation for this week... You did a great job 😊😊😊

Thank You so @orimusic, am glad to always have your beautiful comments 💪💙

@ovey10 always doing the most🥰 amazing performance dear🥰

Thank you so much beautiful @bernice001


@ovey10... You trumpet sound have gotten so much better, much better than the last thing I listened to you...
I'm happy for your growth dear and so proud of you.

You did a great job and it was a flawless performance..
Good one dear. I enjoyed it.

And yes, I also agree with a lot of things you said in your post too. Praying God is our culture because we have the victory through Christ Jesus..

Have a great week dear.
Well done 👍❤️

Thanks so much dear @benii
Your words speaks so much courage to me and upliftment... Thank you and God bless you love💙

Rejoice, wow brilliant song choice Sir
I have not heard before but I will try

sure it's an interesting song, you can try it out bro...💙🥰

You are doing well boss
I hail ooooo

thanks boss🙏🙏