What was your first camera?

A recent post by a fellow photographer has inspired me to ask you all that question.

This may turn into a lovely discussion here, I suppose.

Drop a post in the "Photographic Society" community or just comment below this post, it is all your choice.

I am sure everyone who loves and admires our favorite Art has some great memories related to their first light-tool, if I may call a camera that way.

Analog one, or a digital piece?

Which brand?

What was, or is, its best side? What would you like improved?

And so on, and so on...

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Thanks a lot, @driptorchpress, for the inspiration to start this discussion, I've set you as a beneficiary, as a matter of gratitude :)


hehe, very interesting question. I had a few levels of coming to photography and the first and real one ended with ZEROresults was the ancient today, but very cool in 1975-77 Smena-8M.
When I was 10-12 years old we traveled with my mother to the place of my birth, a small city located in the north of the western half of Ukraine, about 131 kilometers from Kyiv.
This city was our traditional destination almost every summer. before this specific trip, I got a very long-awaited gift from my parents – a fantastic Smena-8M type 3b camera with which I can capture the story of our trip (3.800 km in each direction). I shot almost the whole of the first roll and finally forget my first film camera on one of the trains on our way home. I am sure that someone found it and even finished the role in my first film and I hope that also developed this roll.
thanks to @driptorchpress and @lightcaptured for the discussion. I found this post a little bit late, but still glad to add here my personal story.

My goodness :) My first was also Smena-8M. I am preparing a post about it already, as I actually had two of them and yesterday I found one, after spending some time searching for it! :)
So sad you lost it, but who knows, you could find those pictures some day, everything's possible, right? :D


almost everything :-)))))
seems like they produced such a huge amount of these chip cameras then. :-)

It's good they had done that, otherwise I probably wouldn't have stepped into Photography at all :)


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My first camera was A Konica I got from my father.
that camera was from the early 60´s and was pretty bullet proof and my photographic journey started using it with B&W Ilford film as a teenager.

That's great, as my first camera was also a present from my father :) I shot only on B&W films with it, color photography was too expensive for me back then.
I'll have to drop a post in the community about that, hehe :)

Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience :)
Probably that Konica was all mechanical and full manual only? ;)
Do you still keep it? Have you shared any photos you've taken with it? Would be great if you post here some of those!

It was fully mechanical and manual yes.
light meter and all.
I am afraid I do not have it any longer and since the photos are only in paper, I do not have any either.
have been on the move for more then half my life (mariner) and could only take what fitted in my backpack.

Oh. So only the warm memories remain. My first camera didn't have a light meter at all, I had to learn pretty quick how to determine the right values of Aperture and Shutter speed, given the most of the films I used were ISO 100 as those were the most affordable and available on the market back then.

My first camera was a small, amateur plastic Soviet built camera that my father brough me as a present from one of his business trips. I think I have to drop a separate post about that, it definitely deserve the attention! :)

I got a Soviet made Helios lens back in January when I could still get stuff shipped from Russia 😂
After using it, I want more Soviet stuff, it's built great!
Do you still have yours? Did it light leak like a Holga?

I still have it and I suspect it still works! :) But I haven't tried to use it at least for two decades :D
Found a funny review of it here: https://50mmf2.com/writings/a-terrible-review-of-smena-8m

Mine didn't light-leak though.

Have a !PIZZA as well :)

I'm not sure I can narrow down exactly what my first camera was. I used a lot of disposables as a kid, mostly the waterproof ones, just because I thought they were cool. The first "real" camera I remember that was mine and not my mom's was a 110 housed in the head of an Estes rocket. It had a little string trigger that would shoot when the rocket popped off, then it would parachute down. I used it once as a rocket. Then I just played with the string release and aimed it at anything I could find. Of course it took terrible pictures up close since it was designed for aerial photos.
My first true camera was a Kodak APS point and shoot. I took a ton of pictures with that thing. Thankfully my brother worked at a Ritz so I had free development. I dropped it off a cliff once and miraculously it survived to shoot another day.
My first digital camera was a freebie from some website I joined my first week of college. It was a pen camera, probably not even a full megapixel, with storage for about 20 pictures. I took that thing all over campus taking grainy little spy shots of people and buildings.
If I could go back I would definitely pick up a real camera sooner and start younger. I'm pushing 40 and I'm just now getting into learning the exposure triangle and uses for various lenses.

I guess each of us has their own path into photography. I was a teenager when I started that journey but then after deep diving into it, I practically abandoned it for about a decade or even more, electronics, computers and programming took over my time and passion. I actually bought my first proper DSLR in my 40-ies :)))
Everyday I see how time is my only priceless thing that matter and I still am very creative at finding new ways to waste it instead of focusing on something that really matters :D

Have a great day, buddy!


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