Axie Team - Backdoor Poison

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As you can see in the video, poison only has a small damage on you, but it'll start to kill you as the game goes on. This is an axie team from one of my friends and he said the he is currently at 1500 MMR, but his highest MMR using this axie is 2300. It is one of the most used axies especially in season 17 where it wasn't nerf yet. Some are still using it and it is still irritating because once you got poisoned, you won't notice it until your axie's life becomes red.

I'll be showing you other teams that can help you reach your dream MMR in my future post. I hope you are safe in this time of the pandemic.😁

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I hate backdoor team with poison I think it's the hardest team you have to play against

What I hate the most is a double bug axie with a sticky goo and anesthetic bait that can also discard your cards.

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