Axie Team - Triple Aqua

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This line up has reach 2900+ MMR last season. An aqua has both defensive and offensive capabilities, since it has a high hp with cards that have high shield and cards that has high damage. Even without energy stealing capabilities, his aqua can generate energies using his tail slap so he does not have to worry about energies. He also have one anemone for each of his aquas in the front so that it can heal and sustain the damage dealt by his enemies. Aquas also have high speeds that can help them kill enemies with lower speed. Although you can't expect too much critical strikes from aquas because of their low morale, it is assuring that your cards can still damage your enemies with relying on critical strikes.

I will be showing future axie line ups that can help you reach the MMR you want to achieve, so always stay tuned so that you won't miss a thing. Always stay safe fam!😃

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