The AxieBuzz Community On Hive Has Been Growing A Lot! | Data For July 2021

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For those who don’t know Axie Infinity is a crypto game build as a second layer solution on top of Ethereum. In the last few months, it has grown a lot in popularity breaking all the records in terms of active daily users for a crypto app, and at one point it was generating more in fees then Ethereum or Bitcoin.

AXS, the governance token for the game has a market cap of two billion now and it is ranked around the 50th spot.

We can say that Axie Infinity started the NFT Gaming trend that we are seeing now across the crypto space, and it influence other projects, Splinterlands included.


The AxieBuzz Hive community was created at the start of July 2021 and it has been gaining momentum on Hive. Gaming and blogging goes well together and this is yet another example of that. It also shows that Hive communities have massive potential.

Here we will be looking at:

  • Number of Subscribers
  • New accounts subscribed to the community
  • Community earnings
  • Top earners
  • Number of posts
  • Top authors

The period that we will be looking at is July 3rd to July 31st. The community was created on July 3rd so that is the starting point.


Here is the chart for the daily subscribers for the community.


A total of 263 subscribers in July, with a record high of 25 subscribers per day. This might not look like a lot, but for a crypto blogging community, starting from zero it is great!

Out of the 263 subscribers, 116 (44%) are new accounts created in July, meaning that the community is attracting outside users as well, not just the existing user base on Hive.

Cumulative Subscribers

Here is the chart for the overall subscribers.


Almost a linear growth here, with some steep ups from time to time.

Community Earnings

How much has the community earned in terms of HIVE? Here is the chart.


We can notice that earnings were small at first, as the community gained traction, but then started to increase to around 200$ daily average in the last week.

In total in the first month the community has 3522 $ in earnings.

Top Earners

Here are the top earners for the month.


The official account @axiebuzz is on the top here, followed by @grenfunkel and @bittrio.

A note here that at the moment the Axie community is dependent on the HIVE reward pool only. If the community continues to grows and develop, they can implement their own tokenomics and start to create value for their own.

Number Of Posts

Here is the chart for the number of posts.


A total of 255 posts in the first month. In the second half of the month there is on average 15 post per day.

Top Authors

The top authors are:


@bittrio has been the number on contributor in terms of posts for the Axie community, followed by knowhow92 and the @axiebyzz account.

The Axie community on Hive is a great example for outside projects using the Hive blockchain to build and reward their community even more. As a crypto gaming project, integrating the community with Hive comes naturally. Will see where things will go, but as already mentioned the project has a billions in market cap, more than 200k players and a massive volume. If the HiveBuzz project gets some support from the official Axie funders it can become very interesting 😊.

All the best


Love to see the community growing nicely so early on.

Looking forward to 10x-ing these numbers in the following months.

Thanks for making this for us @dalz

You are welcome!
Will be interesting to see where this will go.

Up only, that's for sure! 😄

Wow! I got noticed. Many thanks! It would be exciting news if the main Axie founders notice our community at the same time I need to start making more content.... Just give some time to stop being lazy XD


I see that you are the fifth top author in the July of 2021. I think that this is far from lazy.

This whole gaming NFT craze feels a bit surreal tbh.

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A bit yes .... but crypto is a great fit for gaming

I agree I wish there was something like twitch for crypto users

Maybe you will like DLive. That is something similar to Twich.

Really I will try

Sometimes the whole cryptocurrency world feels a bit surreal. Especially when we see gains like 1000% or more in a short time.

damn I will check it out because like games the most in life

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Yep, a lot do

I did and I think I will have to install its app so let see how it goes for me

A note here that at the moment the Axie community is dependent on the HIVE reward pool only. If the community continues to grows and develop, they can implement their own tokenomics and start to create value for their own.

And judging by the growth of the community, this will happen very soon, but it will also be very beneficial to be positive because if it attracts the look of official axie infinity, we will see a successful second layer community.

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Wonder how much of this is Hive users going to Axie vs Axie users discovering Hive. That's the most important point. It'll be hard to answer though. !PIZZA

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@dalz! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

This could be a great avenue to promote HIVE.Large stakeholders and witnesses like @aggroed should try and contact cryptocurrency projects and help them build their own Tribe with their own Token on HIVE.

I would support spending for this from DHF. What we will gain in terms of quality users will be more than enough of an ROI for the expenditure.

There has been enough building on HIVE and the masses have not come. It is time we get aggressive with marketing. We are already leagues ahead of competition in many departments. HIVE has a problem of not many potential users not knowing about us.

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