DecentraCast S1Ep27 Installing SuperHive

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This was a lot of fun to do!

It took me about 2 hrs to do since I didnt know what I was doing. But thankfully I got a lot of help with @r0nd0n and @bambukah jumping on the call to help me along.

I used a server in Sweden from @privex because they are so simple to use and just 100% awesome. Plus you can pay in Hive or HBD.

You can find the instructions on how to get & install SuperHive here.
Additional knowledge is required and if you have the time you can find it with a decent search and plenty of determination. Bambukah is currently re writing documentation and will be working more on it soon.

If you are going to try this dont be afraid to ask for help. Bamukah has a discord server just for things like this. I will help as well if you need it.

You can see my results at my website here

You can catch me live on VimmTV every Wednesday at 9 - 11am EST

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I'm gonna give this a try. Anything to make formatting posts and finding them on my profile page easier.

I'm gonna do a live stream about how to use it next Tuesday. Most likely at the time of day you are sleeping, lol.