[Advice] Have friends that impact positively to your life in school

Hello lovely students!

Hope all are doing great?

Today, I want to give you some piece of advice on the kind of friends you're to choose in school as a student!

Choosing the right friends in school will influence how successful you will be in school. I know majority of you already know what I'm saying while some are yet to be told.

Let me list for you how you will know the friends to choose while in school.

Human beings have observable traits that makes them differ from each other. Always be on a lookout for those traits. Good and impactful friends have good traits while the bad is otherwise!

While choosing your friends, please check on these things:

  1. Interest-alike: Always select those friends that have the same interest and goals as you. What do I mean by interest? By interest I mean those that go to class as you, those that pay attention in class, those that read their books, and so on... These are the people that have the same interest with you, always make them friends because they will impact you positively academically.


  1. God-fearing: Yes, you heard me right! Make God-fearing friends because they will never lead you astray in school. As a student you need to be very close to God inorder to obtain favour from God. Friends that do not fear God is liable to lead you into bad things which will affect your life negatively in school. So, I charge everyone of you to persistently choose the right friends.


I believe by this two powerful points that you have learnt something new today!

Thanks and God bless.

I remain your first class student adviser @anyiglobal.

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Please I want, does this community has a discord channel

Yeah, this is very important to all students.

Yes. I wish to hold a live session with students one day to advice them

The friends you surround yourself with determines where you will be tomorrow, thanks for sharing brother.