My Sorare NBA NFT game statistics: results for 1st gameweek

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In my previous post I wrote about new basketball NFT game that Sorare started on 21st of October. This post is about how it went on :)

Gameweek 1

So, my results for the first gameweek (Oct 21 - Oct 24) are following:


In Common Champion where I've sent the stronger team because it has beter rewards, I managed to get 199.29 points (21825 place among 79693 participants) I have won Common Tier 3 card:


and in Common Contender where I've sent the worse team, the result is miserable: only 66.26 points but I still got the Common NFT card though its quality is only Common Tier 5 card:


In the left bottom corner there is an average score of the player, so you can see that Tari Eason is definitely better then Yuta Watanabe . But anyway, the more cards the wider choice for future games!

Gameweek 2

This time I have also sent 2 teams for 2 different tournaments, the better for Common Champion and the worse for Common Contender:


These results are temporary as second gameweek ends on 28th of October but I'm already surprised to see that my worse team has better results at the moment. That is because Sims in Common Champion did not play and did not bring any points. Anyway I expect 2 more additional cards tomorrow that will increase my chances in next games.

If you want to join this game for free, follow this link.

to be continued....


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