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For all those flower lovers, whether you like to grow them or simply admire them and capture an image for posterity, this can be your community, and is it that who does not like to enjoy the beauty and aroma of a flower?



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Although it has not only been made exclusively for flowers, if you like to admire a plant or tree that does not bloom that only shows its beauty with its beautiful leaves and / or trunk, you can also share it with us, so feel free to share your findings in this community where we hope that over time (which I hope will be little) we will grow and apply for the incubation that the ocd project is doing.



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The objective of the community is to encourage the creation of original and interesting content for the reader, we hope not only to be delighted with photographs of the plant or flower in question, but also we hope to observe the authors add truthful information about the specimen that they are showing.

The curation will be carried out and a weekly curation report is expected, in addition to this we hope to hold contests to encourage the interaction and creativity of the authors, I hope with all this to make a place full of surprises and activities.


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The rules are very basic and easy to follow

1- No plagiarism
2- No spam
3- Add a considerable amount of shots of the main object (flower or plant) and of course original photographs.
4- Own text and at least 300 words.
5- No cross publications.
6- No erotic, religious or political content.



We hope that this community is a niche welcomed and accepted by great authors, where they can share their findings and readers and curators can delight in great content and in this help hive to be an attractive place for new content creators and investors!

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Consider joining the community by clicking on the following banner

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Amazing community! It will be like having a garden in Hive! Successes!! 🌹🌸🌺🌼

Thanks for the support :D

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Felicitaciones por la iniciativa de crear esta hermosa comunidad que además de deleitarnos con bellas imágenes de flores, plantas, arbustos y árboles, creará una conciencia ecológico y de conservación de la naturaleza y sus maravillas.

Ya me he sumado a este lindo proyecto, y aunque no soy fotógrafo ni tengo una buena cámara, soy aficionado a la fotografía, a la naturaleza y su cuidado.

Vivo la poesía de las flores en armonía con el infinito.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo y esas grandiosas palabras y aliento!:)
Esperamos que esta comunidad tenga una gran aceptacion y tengamos a muchos grandiosos autores llenando hive de naturaleza y tambien creando conciencia para cuidarla.
Saludos! @eliezerfloyd

The great project, ihave come to join here 😀

thanks for your participation and welcome!🤗

Bienvenida, me siento muy contenta por el inicio de esta nueva hermosa comunidad mira que la necesita vamos, felicidades que que este sea el inicio de muchos post y que sea una comunidad muy prospera

Thank you very much for your good wishes, we hope we have more activities and that the authors and readers feel comfortable here, welcome and thank you again

¡Fascinada con esta comunidad! Ya he dejado mi primera publicación y como les dije ahí, por acá me verán dejando un rastro con mis flores y mi cariño. Gracias por la creación y muchos éxitos. ¡Saludos para todos!

Fascinated with a community I found!

I hope to be here soon, blessings

Fascinada con una comunidad que encontre!

Espero estar pronto por aqui, bendiciones