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Tridax procumbens L/ Coat Buttons


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Hello dear and appreciated readers, mainly to those plant and nature lovers and flower lovers, welcome back to my blog. Today I want to talk about the properties of a plant with a beautiful flower, or rather a perennial herb, with a woody base, used medicinally since ancient times, Tridax procumbens L.

Tridax procumbens L. is a plant native to Mexico and many other Central American countries, it is mainly found in wet or dry places, in weedy fields and meadows, often in soil completely covered by sand and on the banks of streams or roads, often in wastelands or soils cultivated by man.


By @luisjlr77/camera:Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

This plant has white or yellow three-toothed flowers, it is considered invasive because it produces many Asquenium fruits. It has many properties, for example the fresh or dried plant is used in infusion or decoction through the oral route, to treat allergies, anemias and gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal parasites and even constipation, It is also used to treat respiratory tract conditions such as bronchitis, colds and fevers, to counteract headaches, diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, and menstrual disorders in women. This wonderful plant is also attributed with depurative, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


By @luisjlr77/camera:Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

If the leaves are macerated and used as a kind of poultice can be applied topically to feel relief in inflammations, if you use the juice of the leaves previously cooked can stop certain bleeding, while in the form of decoction can wash the vagina and combat cases of vaginitis.


By @luisjlr77/camera:Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

It is commonly known as: bakenbox, cadillo, chisaaca, curagusano, hierba de San Juan, San Juan del monte, manzanilla cimarrona. This medicinal species is reported to have a large number of therapeutic properties, scientifically proven.
All pictures were taken by me with a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phone, feel free to use them if you need them, I hope you liked this post, if so, share this information.

Thank you for your visit, see you soon in a next installment in this wonderful community.


Una publicación muy bien trabajada, con buena información y detallada. Todas las plantas tiene usos medicinales, solo que nosotros ya no los conocemos como en el pasado. Gracias por compartir con la comunidad.

Hola @nicanor-mosquera, gracias por visitar y apoyar mi blog, efectivamente en la actualidad hemos dejado atrás los usos medicinales que tenían o mejor dicho tienen ciertas plantas, es mas fácil hoy día ir a una farmacia por algunos fármacos para el dolor de cabeza, que tomar alguna infusión que causa el mismo efecto analgésico, nos acostumbramos a comprar un producto terminado, no digo que este mal, solo que muchas veces no es necesario, en cierta forma es bueno refrescar y tener conocimiento sobre estas plantas, saludos.

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Hello @hive-145264 It is comforting to know that the effort that subscribers make to present our publications is appreciated by the community, while my limited resources in the account allow it, I will continue to post similar publications on my blog, that serve as a guide or help readers, really They are doing a great job, I will continue to share content in this wonderful community, your support means a lot to me, greetings

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Nice and interesting flower.
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