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Mars Has Life?

2021-02-23 - Tuesday - 11:44 AM PST LMS JA - UFO Log

Why did NASA stop looking for life on Mars in 1976, why did they transition after that to geology, to looking for rocks?

Regarding UFOs

I came up with a theory a second ago. Inside my head, I imagined ancient giants from before the great global flood putting out UFOs into space. If so, those spaceships would have escaped the flood. Perhaps God killed off these sons of God, these giants, and others too.

Whether these crafts and other advanced alien-dubbed technologies were created by just those giants of old and/or by other creatures and/or regular sized humans and other things, etc, etc, I cannot say.

I can't say if there are aliens, different dimensions, time machines, a variety of different things as explored in the science fiction genre movies, shows, books, etc. I enjoy watching those movies. I enjoy theorizing a wide variety of things relating to sci-fi, etc.

I am not going to say some or all of these things are absolutely false or totally true either. The most likely explanation could be that UFOs are leftovers from a pre-flood world. Perhaps the giants sent out so many probes to explore the universe.

Perhaps some of them come back to earth sometimes. Perhaps NASA and others work hard to hide the fact that these UFOs came from ancient earth-based civilizations.