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RE: 2022-08-05

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This looks like a good one regarding Sandy Hook. My position is I don't know. There are at least around 30 questions people have. My approach is first in trying to debunk each question people have.

But I may not be able to disprove each theory on Sandy. I imagine there may have been child actors or what have you. But I also imagine some people may have died. I believe that young man probably went in to shoot at a bunch of kids. My position is that the event is messy and not binary. I'm not going to say everybody died or nobody died. I'm not going to say it was totally fake or totally real. I believe in nuance. So, as I look at all of this, I try to keep an open mind.

I believe government and others used Sandy, regardless of how fake and real it was, in order to weaponize and demonize gun owners. I believe the event was weaponized. It was an attack on the first amendment, as in free speech, the second amendment, as in the right to bear arms, and also private property rights as well. So, in some ways, it doesn't matter how many people died because the more important thing is how it was used as a false flag event. That does not mean nobody died. But people dying does not mean it was not taken advantaged of for political gain.