Trump Virus

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This is trending on Twitter right now.

People need to confront Trump more.

People need to educate people more. Why? Because Trump doesn't know everything. Also, there may be things you know that people around you might not. They're using this Novel Corona Virus 2019 thing to bring down Trump. This virus problem is a big problem in 2020. Globalists created this problem so that the world would cry out for globalism.

Global Pandemic

This is a trap said the fish in Star Wars, "IT'S A TRAP." It is a big pandemic. But we can do many things to fight viruses. Google Natural Remedies. Educate people. Take action. Show people the way. This is the way. Now or never. History is counting on us.

It is a Frankenstein Virus.

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Shane Harro Harrison

2020-03-02 - Monday - 10:58 AM PST - Second of March of 2020 on Facebook to me, Joey Arnold

I really think you need to think about getting a job man

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He was responding to my post which read:

A global problem means a global solution. The 2019 Chinese Wuhan Novel Corona Virus (COVID19) is a complex situation. It was man-made to an extent. It is deadly and contagious. But you can fight it without the help of globalists who create problems in order to then come in to save us. All it costs us for their remedy is our freedom. Just give it up and go back into your prison as slaves, if you want. They want you to feel hopeless so that you will bow to tyranny. They want you to give up.

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The Pentagon estimates that at least 3 million Americans may die because of the virus in 2020. They're trying to cover this up. They don't want you to know this because they want more control over your life.