The Carib DAO & Its First Voting Contest Outcome (More Secret Inside)

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In the first week of March 2024, Carib DAO announced a voting contest following DeXe Protocol testing the team engaged the community members in, for on-chain DAO governance. The team also stated that this is just the tip of the iceberg as they also look forward to crowdfunding use cases on the same protocol.

The Carib DAO team has been working tirelessly to make sure every engagement within the community is rewarding and educating the community members on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is one of the major focuses of the team. The just-concluded voting contest ended with a $250 reward pool as announced via the project's official Twitter handle.

What Next?

The project is building up momentum gradually as the liquidity pool locked for 5 years on dxsale by the team was announced, now maintaining the stability in the token's price of $CARIB by ensuring that a significant amount of liquidity is always available without a manipulate in its market is guaranteed. kudos to the team on this.
Participants in the first voting contest will receive their rewards in less than 72 hrs from now.

A small bird told me there is more in the camp of Carib DAO that one needs to know, that's why the weekly crypto talk every Wednesday is important, though for me it is Thursday early morning at 1 AM UTC, it's a moment to learn about the team, project and crypto update in general.

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