Posting In Communities Part One

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         So, words on the street is that Justin Sun pushed out communities after he took over Steemit Inc. It's all right, let him have his fun. We'll pretend @roadscape was chilling in his garage for years. Imagine that, four years after its launch, the chain now has a semblance of Reddit. Much like Reddit, you get to post to specific communities of your choosing.

         This is part one of discussing about cross posting and posting in communities in general. There will be a second part to this.

cross 4.PNG

         Unfortunately, since you can only post to one community at a time, things get messy. In the image above, that was a legitimate content reposted to several communities. The end result? Most of the reposts received downvotes from other Steemians. And I'd agree that the appearance of spam was undeniable. But, what else was one supposed to do?

         I'm not sure what the technical limitation is for not being able to post to several communities at once. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question in mind. In addition, I hope there's a better way frontends such as @steempeak could help with the way things display.

Enter Cross Post

         Speaking of SteemPeak, there is also the new cross post feature. It allows you to cross post anything (even your own content) into another community.

cross 2.PNG

         The result is a new post which sets the original author as 90% beneficiary. The community/hive account receives 5%, and the cross poster gets the remaining 5% of the rewards. In some way, it's workaround for content to be evergreen. It's a Resteem that pays.

         I want to point out that any autovotes you usually receive will land on whatever you cross post. It gives the cross poster a mean to reward undervalued content on their own. However, the cross posted item will not have any of the tags associated with the original post. For those of you with alts that autovote in different Tribes, that is something to consider.

         It looks nifty, but it actually looks like this on

cross 2.1.PNG

         Ugly is an understatement. At least on SteemPeak, you get to see the whole post. Going back to the first point about one community per post, now we have the following scenario:

cross 5.PNG

         One can see the potential for bloat. In fact, I have discussed this with @jarvie. For the most part, we agree that most abusers wouldn't dare to cross post often without backlash. Cross posting is way too conspicuous. As with the case of @francescomai, the community reacted. I have mixed feelings, but I won't argue for or against the reaction. Elsewhere, other Steemians share the following sentiments:

cross 1.PNG

         Can you believe it? There are actually people who feel like they'd be taking more than their fair share of the rewards. I'm not going to lie, it felt surreal reading that. At the same time, it's a feature which people have mixed feelings about. Yes, I felt as if I had a renewed faith in Steemians, but something is still a bit off.

         Whether there needs to be a shift in culture has yet to be seen. I want to see people share great content, but I understand the concern of bloat, spam, and selfish actions.

         What about those who want to say more than a short comment about the content they cross posted? It's not that difficult, hit the edit button.

cross 3.PNG

The Role of Anti-abuse

         To be frank, I don't have a definitive stance. I lean towards members of each community/hive to deal with excessive cross posting. They may contact @steemcleaners and @steemflagrewards if they want. I wouldn't go out of my way to look for these type of things. That is, if they are legitimate content and not some lazy attempt to farm all their autovotes' worth.

         With subsidized downvotes, curation initiatives should use their downvote power within their hives. They are also given tools to mute and control what shows up in their community. They need to be the curators they claim to be. Nothing is more irritating than seeing "curators" acting like glorified button clickers.

         What do you guys think? Could this be an issue, or it's only another feature that could use more polish?

Stay tuned for part two.


I cross-posted one article that should have been in the Urbex community. The original post was by a new author and got little in rewards. the cross-post yielded $8 in rewards and I felt so guilty. I had only just posted something by myself.

I have auto-voting set to ONE per day per author. Not everyone does this.

I didn't know it worked like that. The people who auto-vote me have faith in what I do. I won't be using cross-post again.

 4 years ago  

The best course of action is only cross post things you find that are really great for your community.

Or, you could still choose to not cross post at all.

I just wanted the post to appear in the correct community. I was not expecting all my auto-votes to be applied to the post.

 4 years ago  

Too bad we don't have a Resteem to community option.

So you are saying that your followers didnt see as much worth in your post as the community itself did?

I'm saying they put their trust in me to vote for my content. If everyone used the one post per day per author then this would not happen but it doesn't.

Therefore my action of using cross-posting resulted in using their VP on my decision. That is not what I wanted.

I don't want the power or responsibility to vote using other's VP, and though I like this feature of Steempeek, a resteem to community would be much preferable and stop any abuse that may happen as a consequence of it.

And I think auto votes are not smart enough for this new world of steem. There could be some changes but I'm doubting any developer is gonna do anything because they dont care about the advancements steem has done.

Could something be coded in to detect cross-posting? It depends on if the post is sufficiently different by it's posting type.

Yes I'm sure steemauto/steemrewarding etc could check for cross-posts as they have relating metadata.

I'm still undecided about the feature - I created abh12345.cp the other day but haven't used it yet.

Dear @enforcer48

Interesting read buddy. I also would like to understand what technical limitations did STINC encounter. Why did they decide that post can be published only within one community. So indeed, you're not the only one with this question in mind.

Cross-posting may look like a great idea on the paper, however I will discourage anyone to cross-post into community managed by me. It's just making things so spammy.

Solid read. Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

 4 years ago  

Maybe not being able to post to multiple communities help with "proof of brain"? That a person would have to think about where to post their content.

Just some wild guesses.

Hi again @enforcer48

Thank you for your reply.

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

 4 years ago  

Done. Good luck.

Personally, I updated my auto-voter to avoid voting on cross-posts at least until I can put in some logic to do quality checks, but overall I think it's a great development.

To be frank, I don't have a definitive stance. I lean towards members of each community/hive to deal with excessive cross posting.

I agree with this. Like most things in technology. It has good uses and bad ones. It's up to voters to reward the good uses and penalize the abuses. That's why the blockchain pays curation rewards. I oppose one size fits all rules and pronouncements.

Ugly is an understatement.

I agree with this, w.r.t. Steemit. too. Hope that Steemit, Inc. gives them a nicer looking appearance before too long.

 4 years ago  

As far as I know, cross posting is a SteemPeak function.

Yeah, probably true, but Steemit can still recognize it and control how they display it... and even provide a similar capability or work with Steempeak to establish a standard.

 4 years ago  

Let's see how fast they move.

lol... Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that. ; -) Hope I'm wrong, though.

Hello @enforcer48 Thank you for nominated me :)
Joking aside, it was my mistake because the rules were not too clear originally. I tried to see how long it was possible to post in several Communitates, but it was certainly not my intention to spam.nit seems that things are getting better now with more rules.

 4 years ago  

I didn’t think it was your intention to spam.

The current code is one hive per post. I hope that could be changed, if possible.

Ok,thanks @enforce48 for your comprehensive words ;)

Why do you want it changed? Tribes did that experiment and it didnt work very well

 4 years ago  

I’m merely bringing up the fact that some people want to be seen by as many relevant communities as possible.

The current system makes things look a bit cluttered from a certain view.

Auto-vote systems are broken now... they haven't kept up with the times that's why I consider them broken. Communities are a reality and users with autovote setups did not keep up with this new reality. Sadly I dont see auto vote app creators as catching up with that reality anytime soon either.

Yup. I haven't been using communities as much because I don't want my autovotes to land on shitposts. But maybe it should be the other way around: we have to start shitposting and autovotes will come to an end for the most part because people start retracting them ;-)

 4 years ago  

Make voting organic again!

Make the hats!

Seriously it's dumb we're letting this ruin our experience for communities. We're being held hostage by auto-votes. And believe me I'm equally responsible for feeling trapped by auto-votes.

Yup. I'm considering using my alt-account for communities :-/ And at the same time I don't want to, it's time we 'just' started to have fun with Steem :D

It's sad we are almost being held hostage to using communities to full potential because of autovotes. We need a setting on our posts that is something like "please dont autovote this post of mine"
Then tell autovote developers to add that into their systems. @asgarth is this doable on our end. I guess we'd need auto vote developers to join in on this.

I can't find the post now, but someone suggested years ago (I think maybe @biophil?) using the #norobots tag to tell bots to ignore a post. I've had my bot programmed that way ever since. I also recently updated it to ignore posts with the #cross-post tag.

 4 years ago  

People will have to come to terms with it.

In a way, not wanting to "waste" autovotes can be good for proof of brain. Or, does it show the greed in our hearts?

Don't be so sure, @mahdiyari could cross-posting votes be disabled in steem-auto?

I will try to work on it.

Or community posts in general?

Just another incentive for Steemit abusers to abuse through spam even more trying to farm rewards in new way.

Just wait and see new, massive spam farms being created to fish through cross posting on trash and/or plagiarism posts.

Don't count on communities preventing it. Most of them have never introduce dany considerate and/or effective measures to deal with the abuse within them. Many just don't care. Other have been created to abuse by themselves.

 4 years ago  

We will know in due time.

We already know it. Already got 10 reports for this today. I have no idea why anyone would think that it is not an insta abuse initiator. Just as with anything that incentivizes spam to farm ofro buck. Steemit is not reddit or Twitter. You don't get a buck there for copying and pasting.

 4 years ago  

You gotta ask the @steempeak team on that one.

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