Beautiful nature scenes of Stora Delsjon

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Hello alil the nature lover's and my hivian friends

I hope you all are doing great. Today I'll share beautiful scenes from different places of Sweden.


Saltholmen Gothenburg

No matter where a person goes in the world, but everywhere he gets to see new scenes of nature. A person never gets tired of seeing natural beauty, but the more he explores it, the more he wants to see it.

A little boy was standing by the lake for a long time watching him wondering what he had come to do?

How in my childhood I used to sit for hours and wait to catch fish. Seeing fate, I fell in love with him because he is also fulfilling innocent desires free from the bitterness of the world.


Stora Delsjon Gothenburg

Another beautiful place is the ship standing by the river. I have always wanted to travel in it but unfortunately haven't had the chance yet. Actually it is a commercial ship. In it, fish are collected and sent to other countries. This work is very popular there and many people use it as a profession.


Lock view point Malmo beach

The third beautiful place I found was lock view point malmo beech. Many people come here and ask for a wish and lock it here. They believe that their wishes will be fulfilled. And maybe their wishes come true that's why they say that but I have nothing to do with it because I don't believe in such things at all but it looked so beautiful.


Any place where water flows between two places looks very beautiful like this lake. The water here was so clear and transparent that when I saw my face in it, I could see it very clearly.

This is all for today from my side. See you again with new amazing stuff.
Note: All the pictures are mine.


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ohh, those are indeed some beautiful places, I think you nice to be able to visit such a beautiful place there. Nice shot :)

Thank you so much for appreciating my photography :)

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