real sofa safari

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Catch the mouse. First photosafari at home in my last posting then karma hits me to do a real safari fight with one invader.


In Afrika you can get many animals in your house. Specially if you live at the ground level. Beside geckos, cockroaches, bedbugs, sometimes flies and of course mosquitos you can have mice and rats. Mice and rats are very ugly even if they look cute saying good morning to you.


Ok first I tried to put it out with a broom. They are very quick. Having enough with playing Tom&Jerry I put out poison. Three days it was not eating this because it was still at life and tormenting me. Yesterday I bought a glue trap. If they enter the glue area they are trapped. No poison. I prepared the trap with one peace of chocolate. Boom I got it in the morning. I don't show you the picture of it in the trap, because of no disgusting pics and so. Instead I gave you a picture of a monster spider taken in my appartement. Count the eyes watching you... Everywhere adventures.



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