stopp smoking

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My last cigarette. It's easy to quit smoking. I've done this a thousand times. Mark Twain said this ages ago. Indeed it seems so. But this is not a motivation picture from now and than promising never again. 45 days I have not smoked till now and today I want to remember this and motivate others to stop smoking. In general it feels better for the lungs and it's so like with the beer. The last beer you always drink with the devil. For free.

By the way in Uganda I smoked sportsman from Kenya. A little bit more than an US-Dollar for a package.


zieh durch! :)

Klar. Hab echt vergessen, wie lange ich schon nicht mehr rauche. Dann ist es mir nicht mehr wichtig. 👍

I have friends that got sick because of smoking..So every time I see someone smoking, I always try to motivate them to stop with it. I'm so proud of you for not smoking for so many days! Keep it up💚

That's so nice. Thank you. You really feel better with no smoking. I have just brought a jump rope to improve my endurance. You can do a lot of things instead of smoking.

Cool! Yes, there are a lot of things to do instead of smoking. Have fun with the jump rope 😀 Up to more days 😅