Plumbing Nightmares DIY Repairs

in Do it yourself!last year (edited)

I had a bad day
It started with a leaky drainpipe in my bathroom and ended with a plumbing disaster in my house I had to fix my house plumbing and let me tell you, it was not a fun

The first sign of it came when I noticed that water is not draining in the bathroom I thought it would be an easy fix so I use a plunger.

But it didnt work I had done some projects using cement in the past which got a drain in the drainpipe and over time it clogged the pipe it got messier than I had anticipated The drain pipe was old and I ended up having to replace the entire pipe.

I called a plumber, but he ask for a lot of money. so I thought I should do this myself I did everything I could to try to fix the problem myself I tried using a drain snake but that didn't work either. Finally I decided to take apart the pipes but I broke them That's when things got messy

As soon as I removed the pipes, water started gushing out everywhere

now I'm fixing it I install the pipe it is working now


Yay! 🤗
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