Plenty of fish

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Close to the Costa del Sol, the Grenadian Coast in southern Spain, popularly called the Costa Tropical, is known for its special weather conditions which are perfect for growing tropical fruits such as avocado, custard apple (my favourite fruit, if you have the chance, try it) or mango.

For those who love fine white sand beaches, this coast will not be of special interest to them. However, its dark and thick volcanic sand has its charm too, as it gives rise to crystal clear water where it is easy to see the sea floor, rocky and full of fish and algae.

This coast is quite peaceful. The beaches are familiar and not crowded. This year, playing in the sand is forbidden (covid rules), so the best entertainment is eating, sleeping, sunbathing and snorkeling until you get as wrinkled as a raisin :D

I leave a short video. I hope you like it!


Raisin fingers :D

The water looks so clear, I am jealous!

Don't be jealous, you'll be here soon 😉

mmmm yes :)

Save some warm water and sunshine for me! 😎

Of course... It will be hot enough 😏

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