Accumulating HBD is Like a Video Game

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The current situation with HBD

I love watching accounts wallet once in a while to see if people believe in the algorithmic stablecoin HBD. Everyone needs to know the asset derives its price from the value of Hive.

It seems many in the Hive ecosystem don't believe in HBD at all. I see a lot of accounts with 0 staking on HBD... Despite the juicy reward of 20% offered while doing anything.

Everything has an element of risk in life, and maybe a lot remember the collapse of Terra Classic USD...

I can understand the fear of losing if something bad happens in the experiment of HBD stablecoin.

The challenge of accumulating HBD

When you put the effort to produce a masterpiece or a wonderful video on the Hive blockchain. You get rewarded with people voting for your content, then 7 days later, you receive the reward in your wallet.

Everyone knows this if you are active on this chain. What is interesting is receiving a portion of the reward in HBD.

The majority seem to enjoy converting it directly into Hive instead of keeping it in HBD. In my case, I prefer to keep my HBD and put every penny working for me.

I love making money passively while I sleep. Something resonates a lot recently in my head, a quote from Warren Buffett.

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

In another article, I just read prior written this article, in the US the vast majority of people cannot afford an emergency expense of $400. It is baffling and scary when you think about it!

Accumulating an asset like a video game

I have a precise number I would like to get in HBD for a specific purpose. To give me a challenge, I would accumulate it like a video game to have a sense of progress.

To have a challenge for myself, like when I play Terracore, MIR 4, and MIR M...

That help to have the focus and intensity to reach that specific target of the number I have in my mind. The reason I don't share the number is because I don't want to create stress on my shoulder and expectation from people.

It is something personal, and everyone should always focus on their battle.

In two days, a nice reward

In two days, I will receive a suitable reward without doing any effort from myself.

I would receive a juicy reward of almost $16. I know is not a life changer but I have gratitude for it.


Every bit of income I receive here and there helps me to advance in my path in my life.

What do you believe I would do with it?

The answer is obvious and I would compound it for making make it grow and get a bigger share next month. Eventually, I plan to take a portion of it for a specific purpose.

Money needs to move around and you cannot just let take the dust your whole life.

Have a wonderful and beautiful day.


HBD is really a hidden gem from the world. People aren't aware about it.


I think many of the people who instead convert from HBD to Hive just believe in long run or rather a certain period they will do better % wise In Hive. 20% is great, unless you think Hive will move to a buck aka 300% in next 24 months. I don’t see choice as clear as you are missing out. Just making a different bet.

I believe having both assets is important, but is a different story for everyone.

I personally agree 100%

But I can see why some might go all in on one if they believe it will perform better.

Yeah, that's the thinking... if you can build up multiple passive income streams of $16 to $50 per month they begin to add up. Over time one can also look to expanding those streams to eventually produce hundreds of dollars each. This can eventually lead to a passive income of thousands of dollars every month.

I agree 100% it gives me hope, and its also wonderful to see that it's not really out of control either. If you read my recent posts I go through it, and I am a big believer in Hive. I was an early user too, here since Aug 2016.

I went through a phase of converting to Hive when Hive was sub 30c. Now that Hive is rising, I'm returning to shoving it into HBD savings

In my case, I am accumulating both assets in a bull or a bear run.

As a risk-free investment, no one can certainly beat HBD savings. I am also saving some with my post payout s but right now withdrawing to buy some hive at a discounted rate.

Do you have a social network or a discord user where I can write to you to tell you about a new idea I have, I want to see if you can give me your support? it is for the creation of a new community in HIVE.

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