All Games Play to Earn Have Failed for Me!

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I can't remember how long I have been playing games since my childhood. One of the first games I played was Lady Bug on ColecoVision. It was fun!

How many weekends have I spent playing games on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo?

The answers were countless hours. I am the type of gamer who likes the challenge of finishing a game when it is humanly possible.

Today I don't have this luxury anymore, but keep enjoying playing.


The inspiration for this article came from an article I have read about Illuvium. Even if the game has beautiful graphics, the token in price has dropped by over 97%!

In their case, they have allocated only 10% to the play to earn for the game. The rest focused on the team and investors!

You need to build a powerful community and have dedicated players in the game to survive!

My own experience with MIR 4

I discovered this game at the beginning of 2022, and it was exciting to have the possibility to make money with the game. I remember I needed to reach at least level 40, which took over a month to mine darksteel ores.

My server had bot problems where it was almost impossible to get the precious assets for converting to crypto. They put the barrier high, and it was very expensive to convert it for the amount of darksteel ores required.

Finally, I fell in love with the game and still playing it without thinking of making money with it. In the end, I made $0 with this game as an income.

My focus is on the fun part of the game. The development has failed to make integration with crypto for this game. The wallet sucks, and the requirement is too high for mining the crypto that lost maybe around 90% of its value!


Experience with games on Hive

I still playing actively 3 games on Hive without the mindset to make money. The price of their tokens has dropped so dramatically that is insane to think about making an income with them.

Most people drop the tokens on the open market for Hive, which results in pennies.

Look at the following chart of the price of scrap, the native crypto of the game Terracore. In less than 4 months, the price action has lost so much value...


The number of tokens in the smart contract is insane, and the number of liquids available on the market is high as well. This has a tendency to create a selling pressure.

The outcome is the price always goes lower and lower until to find the bottom hopefully.


My conclusion

The play to earn concept sounds beautiful on paper, but it failed in the niche of gaming in the crypto world. Don't think about building wealth with them. I have tried maybe around 20 games and come to this conclusion.

I keep playing because I still enjoy those games and I play because I have an element of accomplishment, progression, and challenge.

With the games I have played, the outcome is I made $0 in profit!
It is hard to believe, but this is my personal experience and conclusion.

Be careful when you think about investing in games. You might see and discover the dark reality of this conclusion.

PS: I am not a financial adviser, and always do your own research.

Have a wonderful and blossoming day!



I agree with you , it is quite difficult and still a dream for many to earn money from game. The one thing I can suggest is that try to get in early because they are the ones who earn something for a decent amount of time.

Maybe I need to start looking for decentralized launchpads...

I'm in the same situation, I haven't found any game that really hooks me.

Do you think that the demand of players is the main reason for the failure of hive games?

I believe people wanted to make money on those games, but in reality is a huge drain of time for the reward you get.

You haven't tried to play the games proposed by the @bigdogbone account, supposedly the tokens are very stable... I don't know how true that is!!

The problem on the website! It is impossible to log in with Keychain or create an account. I have tried with Brave, Chrome, and even with Bing.

Tell me how to log and I would like to try it.

Honestly, I was thinking I could build wealth with them but I just think it is better to have it in mind that I juat want to play and have fun
Nice one!

Wow, i actually thought it was a cool way of earning just by doing what i love. i have tried like 4 games but none work for me but i haven't given up until i read your article

Don't give up playing for the fun. At least you can make more producing good content here on Hive.

yeah.. sad but true. all my games in crypto also failed. but at least in hive, the games are not rugged.

I agree the value is not much! But you still receive something!

MIR4 is past the point of making a few bucks with it, now it's all about having fun with friends. Perhaps you'd like to try their new game. I could recommend some interesting ones, but the point you have to think about is not the value of the current currency, but the reward you can get regardless of the value of the cryptocurrency, the chance of success of the project and the likelihood that it will continue for a few more years. I think there are games in this respect like Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, BinaryX, Gala Games and their ilk.

While it's possible to make short term gains by playing and trading assets I doubt long term sustainability of most play to earn games. Let's be honest 99% of the play2earn games aren't fun to play. People play it with the hope of making some money. Even traditional AAA titles lose their playerbase Pokemon Go, The Division , For Honor and many more...