DLease A Good Opportunity to Increase your Hive!

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I am looking this morning if Hive provides some DeFi opportunities directly on the blockchain. So far I have not found something exciting, but I came across a good one where you can get a daily reward for growing your account.

It is not magical; you need to have some Hive already available in your account. This opportunity is excellent if you don't have the time to curate or produce content.

What do I mean by that?

If you do nothing with your Hive, your account does not grow fast. At least you receive around 3% daily in interest.

Not bad, but you can get a better APR!

Getting around 9% with Dlease

It is a better rate instead of just staking your Hive! It is 3 times more income for doing nothing!

Under the market, you can get the APY where people pay you to delegate your precious Hive Power. You need to choose wisely and not delegate to a spammer and get flagged after.

Be sure to do your due diligence before proceeding with the delegation.

Let's be honest is fun to receive a daily liquid reward in your account without action on your part! You need to check the duration and how much you will receive daily.

Do not forget is take around 1 week to get back your Hive Power when you are undelegated.



Dlease business

I was just thinking about that during the writing of this article. If you have a lot of Hive in your account. You can make a nice daily income and develop your own strategy.

You can delegate and take other delegations. Maybe is possible to do some arbitrage but I have not proved this method might work. In theory, it might be possible!

Maybe, for example, you can request a lease and pay 8% for a specific duration. When the delegation is filled, you can delegate to another user who pays, for example, 9%.

I have not tried if is working, but something to consider!


With the dashboard

With the dashboard, you can monitor your income by daily, weekly, and monthly payout. You can see as well your active leases and your current idle power.

The interface is convening without too much noise. It is easy to understand and you might enjoy monitoring your investment or your delegation.

You might think in your mind that is wonderful to make some money!

It is good or not to use Dlease

It all depends if you are active or not in the blockchain. In my case, I prefer to keep control of my Hive Power because I use it daily. Every day I use 20% of it for getting a reward daily.

In your case, maybe you don't have the time. Dlease might be a suitable alternative to getting 9% instead of 3% of the normal interest provided by the witnesses on this blockchain.

You have a nice passive income opportunity that is easy to use!

The Dlease website link: https://dlease.io/

Have a wonderful and blossoming Sunday!

PS: It is my opinion. I am not a financial advisor and always do your own research.


I have used dlease in past and it's a good platform for generating some passive income through the lease and we can also get the lease for to have more hive power..

Great information about cryptocurrency