- Canada Not Allowed - Importance of Decentralization

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Recently I have been digging for new information about cool things that happen in the crypto sphere. One discovery that picked up my curiosity is the token launch platform of

Supposedly, many potential projects use this trading exchange with a tremendous chance of making a nice return. It is easy to understand, but I faced a minor issue!

Because I am a Canadian citizen, I cannot join the platform!


I know my right to invest

I have been in the crypto sphere for a long time, and I know the risks of being in this realm. I had the chance to live through two bear markets with the following events.

  • ICO gold rush.
  • DeFi summer in 2020
  • Bear market of 2018-2019
  • Current bear market
  • Insane evaluation of NFTs

It is like the jungle, with no guarantee that you are going to become rich overnight.

I love my country but I don't like to be dictated to what I can or can't access on the internet.


That is why decentralization is the answer

As we speak, the development of decentralized systems advances so fast that is impossible to stop the train. For every feature available on a centralized exchange, you have the same option available on decentralized DAPP.

It is the beauty of the possibility of accessing what you want when you want. The right to invest in crypto startups without the need to be an accredited investor.

In the decentralized world, we can swap easily assets back and forth without asking permission. You don't need to field cumbersome papers for compliance with the KYC requirement.

Now you can invest in different protocols and make a tremendous profit if you bet on the right project.

Regulations are important

Regulations provide clear guidelines on how to operate in different industries by respecting the rules in place. With crypto, they decided instead not to allow access to certain types of crypto websites.

Their intention is to protect investors to avoid being scammed or losing money. They have created the rules after big scams occurred in the financial world in the past.

Nothing wrong with those policies but we have at least the right to do want we want with our money.

What I am going to do

My first intention was to join for the launchpad but I learned the hard way I cannot make an account. Just because I am Canadian, the website needs to comply with the regulations of my country.

In that case, what are the options I have on the table? The services I want to access in a decentralized world without asking permission.

It is suck but my government wants to protect me and dictate what I can do in the crypto world. Mentalities will evolve with times when denaturalized protocols will come to a point that it will be impossible to stop them.

At least we can still take the red pill and have another choice in our life!

Live long and prosper crypto world!

I am blessed to see the evolution of this outstanding space.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


Your advocacy for decentralization is spot on. It's the essence of the blockchain revolution, providing individuals with the freedom to access and invest in projects without unnecessary barriers or hurdle. The ability to swap assets and participate in protocols without onerous paperwork is a game-changer.

You rightly acknowledge the importance of regulations to protect investors, but also emphasize the need for personal financial autonomy. It's a delicate balance that the crypto industry is still navigating.

It's unfortunate that you can't access due to regulatory constraints, but your optimism about the evolution of decentralized protocols is inspiring. The crypto world is indeed a place of constant innovation and change, and it's exciting to see how it will shape the future.

I will accomplish the same thing with decentralized protocols.

These restrictions are a clear violation of individual rights.

That's in fashion everywhere, they want to impose the rules of CBDCs on decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, soon, the rest of the things that are available in the centralized world will be made available in the Blockchain.

All the government restrictions will have nothing on us. Sorry about not being able to access