Hive Blockchain DAPPS Status

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Current situation

It is hard to know in real time what is available in the ecosystem of Hive. We don't see many new projects being built here and most of the traffic and value seem to come from Splinterland.

We can see the market cap of Hive is only 130 million, and it is a tiny number of the ocean of crypto. One thing I have noticed is one of the most successful in the niche of SocialFi!

On my feed of the people I am following, I don't see people talking about new projects. The only one I am aware of is Terracore, where I am an active player and play daily.


Making a search on Google

I wanted to know more about what is available, and I used the best search engine in the world, Google. Forget about the AI search option for the lazy boys out there who just want to exact answers with no effort.

It is not reliable and so far I don't need to work or use ChatGPT!

I make the simplest search with the following keywords.

  • dapps on Hive blockchain


Normally, we tend to stick around the first and second links on the top of the result. I never go to the second page because I want the information right away.

What I found

I found DappRadar where they list around 57 DAPPS. It is not a big number of DAPPS for the Hive blockchain. Splinterland is the most successful with game with around 40k daily active players.

Then the rest is Terracore and a few blogging interfaces with just around 1.5k active users. Blogging is not what drives much of the traffic and value on this blockchain.

DappRadar link:


I found as well another interesting website with less DAPPS but I prefer the way they present the information. You can find the information in different categories like:

  • Game
  • Social
  • NFT
  • DeFi
  • Tools
  • Sport
  • Video

The category I am most interested in is games. I need to limit myself to a few because I cannot play all of them!

The link:


Not the best popular in the market

Hive will remain a niche in the crypto sphere where is good to stick around. It is the only blogging platform in the crypto sphere that I am excited to keep using daily.

I don't care about the tiny market cap, but I grow every day on this blockchain. Imagine just how big it will come in the next bull run!

Maybe half of a billion or even a billion dollars in market cap will be exciting.

Hive works pretty well in both market conditions! The community makes this ecosystem vibrant and you find valuable content to consume every day!

Have a wonderful Saturday and blossom day!


Games on hive have evolved,
and due to the trend they will predominate much more in hive, that is good even for the other categories.

I'm going to take a little time to play Terracore, any advice for those who want to start that game, what would you do at the beginning.

Thank you, anyway, have a good weekend...

Have a great Sunday.

I have learned so far in the game of Terracore is you need to have patience. I choose the path of not putting additional money into the game, which is a much longer path. Where you need to focus in the beginning is to increase your defense and stash size for dodging attacks.