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We have still in the bear market for the last two years after the overvaluation of pictures on the blockchain called NFTs. It is still hard to make an income from Web 3. Many have abandoned the ships for other occupancies.

I cannot blame them, because you need to bring food to the table. You need to spend your energy on things that produce the most for your pocket.

A natural law of nature!

Hive maximalist

Every day, we see posts where people want to have like 100,000 or 150,000 Hive and more. Nothing wrong with that because they still believe the platform has a bright future.

Another bet a lot of Hivians like to accumulate is the LEO token, which they think is the best community. I saw the magic number of targets is around 100,000 LEO.

They spend all their energy accumulating the token with the reward pool producing content, curating, playing games, etc... It is the way to get your hand on this valuable token.

The problem I had

I love reading and discovering new things that happen in the wonderful crypto niche. Unfortunately, on Hive the only thing I learn or stagnate is people's talk always about the same thing in a loop.

The clickbait titles are like those:

  • Hive has a bright future,
  • Hive is the best crypto to get your hands on.
  • I am on my path to get 100,000 Hive,
  • Hive is the best project in the world.

If we are here, we already know this information, but you don't need to repeat the same rhetoric all the time.

Hive price decrease

Even if you preach that Hive is the best, or you are a tribalism of this blockchain. I believe it is good to check what is happening on other blockchains and the progress they have made so far.

I can guarantee if the price decreases further, we might expect more people to be less active. It is the law of reward and motivation in full action because a lot of people produce content solely for the reward.

One of the major drawbacks of Hive is the supply. The number of Hive keeps increasing constantly and we don't have a mechanism to burn it. Over time, this has a tendency to diminish the value of every Hive you have under your umbrella.

Nothing is perfect

I still love Hive and, to be honest, I love accumulating the assets every day and seeing my stack increase constantly. But I love to learn something different beyond Hive.

My inside feeling tells me not to put all my faith and energy on Hive. I have been here since the beginning of Hive with the split of Steem. Steem has failed but Hive proved to be resilient even during the bear market.

People keep buying the asset and power up constantly. This is healthy for the entire ecosystem.

I believe wonderful projects will emerge outside of the ecosystem of Hive that can make a drastic change for my future. In the meantime, Hive will be one of my eggs in the crypto sphere. I will not bet 100% of my energy and faith on this one.

It is my spontaneous opinion!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


I agree with you on this. As much as we love Hive, there's a whole world out there that we can also explore while still being here.

It is insane the number of new blockchains, SocialFi, and even crypto games that pop up daily. :)

One thing I have learnt is that we all must be willing to help this platform to grow. We all know that action speaks louder than words so we have to keep being active and accumulating more Hive.

It is what I am doing each day. :)

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