Hivewatcher - Spaminator Spammy Bot - Meritocracy - Useless Services on Hive!!

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People always complain about why Hive remains tiny and not moving forward like the big players in the crypto industry. To be honest, nothing is perfect, but Hive at least keeps going no matter the market condition.

I love the community, this place, and growing my account. I spend maybe at least around 1 hour of my daily on this blockchain playing games, doing curation, and trying to write a few articles, not every day due to lack of time.

What I did wrong to be on the dark side

Over 2 or 3 years ago, I created 2 accounts for the Leo community and 3Speak. I did share the content I created on these accounts and was accused of recycling content on the Hive blockchain.

I learned the hard way it was not ethical to farm the token on this blockchain. I stopped using both accounts and now I only use this account, the original I received after the split of Steemit.

Hiverwatcher dictatorship

I when to their Discord channel for trying to remove me from the blacklist. Unfortunately, the requirement involved is too high and is like more of a dictatorship. Instead of being a real solution to fight spam on this blockchain.

The requirements to remove from the blacklist are:

  • Make an apology post to the Hive community.
  • Posting 120 posts for 4 months and declining the payout.
  • After that comeback to their Discord channel and make an appeal for review.

The requirement is too high, and I will not follow it and remain on the blacklist. I don't care at this point because I am not betting 100% of my future of my crypto assets on Hive.

My life does not depend on this small income I get here.

Spaminator spammy bot

It is the worst bot I have ever seen on the Hive blockchain. The way the bot operates is their flag by automation randomly multiple posts or comments the person made.

It made tiny downvotes that are useless from my point of view. Their philosophy is maybe to discourage other people from interacting with the account. Maybe it might have been a coincidence, but I am not quite sure.

I love reading and commenting on the posts that interest me of the people I follow. Most of the time people answer me back even with spaminator downvotes.

You have a lot of authors who never answer back!

Banned from Leo community

I love finance and crypto, but unfortunately, I cannot farm the token because I am muted from this community. I barely just hold 400 tokens, but I don't believe in the success of their token in the long term.

I follow prominent writers who wrote in this community. I get flagged often by the spaminator bot because people see my comments hidden when I comment on the Leo finance community or portal.

Hidden Meritocracy on the blockchain

This account is not part of the service of Hivewatcher. Normally, this guy follows the blacklist of Hivewatcher and downvotes just before the payout around 6 days.

It is power is around $4 and it attacks small accounts to downvotes around 50% to 80%. It has already downvoted a few of my posts and I presume it will repeat the same modus operandi.

It is suck but I cannot do anything. This guy will pay the price during his lifetime by the karma it will accumulate.

My philosophy

It hurt me when I got downvotes for a post of $3 that transformed into a post of $0.03. Do you know what I did yesterday to respond to that issue?

I bought the same equivalent of Hive on the open market for the amount I got downvoted by Meritocracy. Then I powerup my account and advance on the road to grow my account.


I love the Hive blockchain, but I will not follow the requirements of Hivewatcher. This account will remain on the blacklist but I will continue to make my account stronger and prepare myself for the next crypto bull run.

It is not worth my time to fight for this issue. Instead, I will keep my energy and work for the goals I want to reach for myself.

Life brings many obstacles in our way, and the universe wants to see how we react to it.

In the end, we have all different stories and fight!

For my success on the Hive blockchain even if I am on the blacklist, downvoted by spaminator or Meritocracy!

My account will get better each day!

Have a wonderful day


I think you shouldn't give up. I have my reason for saying this; it might look like they are bullying you, but you just post for a while and go back there and make another plea. I believe they will listen to you. we are all human and we are prone to mistake. I think our approach to rectify the issues matters too. If you decide not to do what you have been told, the only things that can happen is that you might not get support from here but it won't your growth in the real life. However, it is always good to leave a community on a good term.

I hope you find favor in your quest for reconciliation. I will plead that you make more efforts. You have been supporting others too.

My account will keep growing even with the current situation. It is been two years I am in the blacklist. I am at the moment concentrate my effort on other area in the crypto space because I am prepared myself for the next bull run.

The reward from here is so low and stagnate, and is the reason I not focused 100% of my time on Hive.

That's a good idea then. You should focus your energy on something more profitable. I didn’t know you have been on the list for a long-term. I hope you can get freed anytime soon.

Just as you say, it is complete tyranny just because it has a share of "power", can you imagine those people in public office.

I wonder if anyone has ever met the "requirements".

Even in the real world, we have an unjustified and unfair share of power. We are not living in a perfect world!

That's way too far and that's gonna take time. A friend of mine also has this same issue. This can be disturbing and draining
Sorry about that

I am moving forward with the right attitude because I have so much I want to accomplish in the crypto world.

I love finance and crypto, but unfortunately, I cannot farm the token because I am muted from this community.

What is the reason for the ban in Leo community? Btw its not InLeo which is rebranded recently.