Linea Testnet - A Possible Airdrop!

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Today I am preparing myself for working on a potential airdrop by simply using the ecosystem. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you don't take any risks! You cannot make progress.

An airdrop is like candies that are dropping from the sky. If you qualify and are eligible, you might receive it.

Problem to bridge on the testnet

We always need to start somewhere. It is like the process when you have learned to walk. In the beginning, you are totally hopeless until you master it without thinking about it.

I faced a little problem with how to get tokens on the Linea Testnet. I am not going to explain the process in this article.

Basically, all the guides that people referred to were not working. I spent maybe around 1 or 2 hours to make it work finally.

Now that I have some funds in my Linea Goerli wallet. I would be able to interact with a variety of DAPPS.


It is my first airdrop as an airdrop hunter, and I am going to learn about the ecosystem of Linea which I believe is very exciting. I love learning new stuff even if I feel I am not in my comfort zone!

Transferring assets between testnets is not something I have done often in the past.

Have a wonderful and beautiful Sunday!

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Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely explore it.

Honestly, I wish to jump on a lot of airdropa but I have gotten tired already and that's because I have tried so many aridrops but I got scammed at the end of the day.