My Progression of Playing Golem Overlord

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It is not always easy to navigate through the world of play to earn games. You give your sweat and time to make hopefully a financial income or profit. On paper, it might sound easy, but in reality is more difficult than you think.

The biggest factor is people dump the token and create selling pressure. When you have more sellers in comparison to buyers, guess what might happen! The asset or token go in the red zone with a drop in term of fiat value.

That is why many believe play to earn games is dead but I don't believe that. It is like with every technology that comes into existence; you have a period of euphoria.

After that, a downtrend for an adjustment to find the proper business model the market might adopt.

Where I am with Golem Overlord

It is a game that took me a long time to understand and now I have made some progress. Where I found it difficult is, you need to constantly spend on parts for getting Scavenger Golems.

Without Scavenger Golems, you cannot mine parts. This crypto is essential to boost your stats on the game.

My stats on the game:

  • Power: 6
  • Fortification: 6
  • Golem charging station: 4
  • Faith: 8
  • Banked: 104.9

I am only in the beginning, but I have started to grasp the fundamentals of the game.

The fighting system in Golem Overlord

It is one of the worst features I needed to understand to make it work. The interface is not well intuitive, and the developer needs to improve this area.

Right now I try to avoid attacking other players and only claim my part after 8 hours. I don't like it when is complicated to use a simple feature like attacking another player on the battlefield.

I don't like to criticize, but is something that can help to make things better. Improvement is something that needs to be built in a game out of the box!

What I plan next in the game

I plan to increase my stack of liquid parts and upgrade my components. I want to become more competitive on the battlefield and have fun to receive more part by hours.

It is always important to have a purpose or at least motivation to keep going in a game. Without it, you will stop to play entirely and forget about it!

It is not a path I want with Golem Overlord. I want to prove that is possible to make an income with it in the long-term and focus on building the foundation of it.


Golem Overlord is not the easiest game I have played in my lifetime. It is an idle game where you need to force your brain to understand the foundation of the game.

Another thing where you need to pay attention is you need to constantly put your Golem at work. You lose them over time and I believe is a nice feature to make the game more attractive.

I hope you have a beautiful and outstanding Monday!



Nice to see you playing this game, here are some tips that i can share with you as a friend.
Increase Scavenger golem slowly and focus on fortification and faith as that will help you save the mined parts.
Faith is one of the important for sure.

Welcome to golem gang.

Thank you for this valuable insight! I plan to upgrade slowly for sure. :)

It's my pleasure friend, let's hope that the game will survive and we will see more updates from the game in future.

It is always a risk when we deal with decentralized games...

yep, i agree with you on that and i have already lost alot in Axie but now i play safe and enter games with less investment and only for fun.

This game Golem Overlord looks good and you shared more details about it. I see that many players talk about this game so it must be fun. Keep on enjoying the game.

I prefer Terracore, but the game is still enjoyable.