My Small Contribution for Hive Power Day!!!

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When is the power day here on this awesome blockchain, we see an army of believers. It is a way to make sure the supply of Hive is staked instead of remaining liquid and helps the stability of Hive. Fans post updates of how many Hive they have put on staking and you can see the energy around them.

A community is what makes a big difference in its survival during a bear market. Hive is the best SocialFi I know. Trust me I have tested a lot in the last 6 years and many have failed like a deathfly.

I wanted to find new business opportunities and quit crypto but I love it so much that I keep going here...

Hive during a bear market

I try to never miss a day of curating the people I follow on this blockchain. I love the small rewards I receive just to show up.

What I love is learning new stuff about finance, crypto, and all that surrounds this awesome ecosystem. We have awesome brains that are experts in this field.

I know other subjects are covered but I go with my interest.

The price of Hive is not very exciting and in terms of fiat value, many posts less in that case during this timeframe. Instead is the best time to get more Hive for the same price.

When the price is too high, it is very costly to accumulate them.

It is a game of patience and belief.

My next target on Hive

I would like to get my account back to 20k Hive staked and beyond. I am not far away but is a psychological barrier. It is good to set some targets because it provides clarity on what you want to target.

Also, I would like to reach 2000 HBD staked because I love the juicy reward of 20%. Maybe we might see a decrease in the APY but I don't mind and would adapt to this new reality when it comes.

My small contribution

I made a small contribution to power up 21.828 Hive! I know is not a big amount but is better than nothing for contributing to locking more Hive...

It is the intention that is important and helps the whole ecosystem to get better and in good shape.

When every believer powers up something, the number increases rapidly like a snowball!


Building your account and power up Hive proof you are here for the long run. Staking your Hive enhances the user experience and helps to curate good content and spread the reward from the pool.

At least I have made a small contribution and increased my position toward the goal of reaching 20000 soon.

Each day with small steps you get a better account that increases with time. A game of patience and belief. Try to never miss a day or otherwise your account will stagnate under your wallet value.

Have a wonderful and beautiful blossom day.