My Wonderful Progress I have Made in Terracore

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My advancement in Terracore

I made a lot of progress since I play Terracore. My goal is to grow without pouring more money into the game, but is not a straightforward path. As you can see on the following screen, I lost 130 scrap from stealers in the last 100 battles!

So far my stats are 28.71% success rate against 71.29%. The next logical upgrade I need to focus on will be to increase my defense to 90.00. Not as easy as you might think. You need exactly 64 scrap just to upgrade at this level.

Defense and dodge are very important to keep increasing your position to protect yourself from stealers.


The scrap price is falling down

As you can see on the screen, we can clearly see the Scrap price is falling since I started playing the game. Recently, we seem to have touched the bottom with a sideway movement.

The biggest problem is too many tokens are released in the wild. People sell them to make a tiny amount of money, so the conclusion is to make money with this game. Forget that!

95% of the games of crypto play to earn are just pure vampires of time! You cannot make money with those games. I have tried many of them, and every time is the same problem.

I paid 30 Hive to play Terracore but at the present moment; I expect nothingng from this game!


The value of my Terracore account is barely $1.859 and I cannot afford to pay for a coffee! I will keep playing the game for fun, without pouring more money, because I find it useless to put more money into this idle game.


My present stats in the game

I have made slow progress lately because I can just claim once a day, and I do my 6 fights at the same time. Something is cool I might get the required 64 scrap to upgrade my defense to 90.000 in maybe 2 or 3 days.

This might help to keep my scrap hopefully. Then I plan to boost my damage to 80.000 and defense to 100.00. I will wait a little longer before upgrading my engineering to 8.000

Where I have made tremendous progress is with my stash size and favor!

My current stats are:

Favor: 73.562
Engineering: 7.000
Damage: 70.000
Defense: 80.000
Stash Size: 258.45
Crit chance: 2.276
Dodge: 5.913


Conclusion for my latest update report

Is clear Terracore will not make more money with me. I don't know if this game will exist for a long time and the team plan to make the development further.

At least I plan to keep playing and soon I will boost my defense to 90.000! If your goal is to make money with Terracore forget it entirely because is not worth your time.

Play only if you love gaming and enjoy the game. Play to earn games is just a pure mirage where you need to always spend more on those games like Splinterland...

Have a wonderful and beautiful day!


Good going, how many scraps are you able to earn now compared to before ? I am earning 40-50 scraps per day now.

Less than that because I can just claim once a day at the moment.

Because of the busy schedule ? You are unable to claim all the time ?


hire someone on scholarship who will play for you and claim for you. It will help you boost your profile even faster.

I have been playing Terracore from the beginning. I haven't invested in the game except for the initial payment and sold what I earned. Game mechanics need to be adjusted to prevent the price decrease. For example, Golem Overlord forces players to burn tokens. Anyway, I like playing Terracore.

In my case, I had sold anything in this game but kept playing just for the love of gaming and challenges.

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