Terracore - A Cool Game to Keep Playing

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It has been a while since I have not posted something here! You can lose your habit quickly when you don't take the time to do something each day. Anyway, I feel is about time to provide an update to the game of Terracore.

I keep my focus initially to keep playing without pouring more money into the game. This way I want to discover I far I can go without always the need to put more money or buy expensive NFTs.

Like everyone who plays Terracore, I spend on the mandatory entrance fees when you want to play. Without it, you cannot do anything in this game!

My current stats

As you can see in the picture, I have made tremendous progress since my last update posted here.

So far, this is my current stats:

  • Stash Size: 412.295
  • Dodge: 7.160
  • Luck: 3.785
  • Favor: 229.937
  • Crit Hit: 5.374
  • Engineering: 8
  • Damage: 90
  • Defense: 110

Something I can wait to upgrade is my engineering to 9 which will allow me to farm 2.08333 stash every hour. Then next I plan to increase my damage to 100.

After that, I will still focus on increasing my defense to 120. It is important to have a good defense for keeping the most possible stash on your side. The more you have, the more rapidly you can upgrade your components.

As you can see, the game is very basic but I enjoy claiming daily as a challenge.

It is time-consuming

You need to remind yourself that you need to dedicate time and effort to seeing a result in this game. Each day you need to claim and spread your stash to enhance your stats.

It is hard to be motivated, especially when the price of scrap has lost a lot of value since I play. The value of my account is barely $0.67 which is nothing for the time I put into this game.

I don't care at this point because I have fun progressing. When you remove the outcome to focus on making money, the game is fun!

Your focus playing instead of just thinking about the price movement...A game should be that way.



Never lose hope about the future of Terracore, I believe the price might recover in the next bull run. The price of stash is not very exciting but good if you want to advance fast without waiting to enhance your stats.

In the meantime, I will upgrade my engineering to 9 in the next few days. I am confident about it, just need 24 more stash!!!

Then I will focus on my attack to 100, this will help to steal more stash from other players. I can't wait to see the result!!!

The game is simple without the need to play the whole day. You just need to make sure to claim often and boost your stats. You can also sell a portion of your stash but I believe is not worth it at the current price for the little profit you can make.

Have a great Monday!

PS: I am not a financial advisor, and always do your own research.


I feel you are still active since you are still playing games. It would have been a different case if you were not even doing anything at all
Keep up the good job...

I have enjoyed gaming since I was young, and even today I still love it.

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It is practical to play Terracore. It takes less than a minute per day.

If you claim only one time and do the 6 fights. I try to claim multiple times if I have the time available.

Hello @chesatochi
I play only 1 game on hive and its splinterlands. It seems that this game is fun and you enjoy while playing. Is it strategy game and not like attack?

I played at the beginning of Splinterlands, but is not the type of game I enjoy. You always need to spend on new cards to remain strong on the battlefield.

I can't say about this game as I don't know how it works. It's true that we need to keep some strong cards in account to win more battles but I like this. By investing in the game I also grow my account. So I like it. May be some time later I can check this game if it's of my interest. Thank you so much for replying.

I agree, when you take away the part where you play to earn, it's more fun.

I see you are progressing with your stashes. I hope you upgrade your engineering to 9 soon enough.

All the best in the game.

Tomorrow I will hit the target. :)

Oh wow. Congratulations in advance 🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥

Interesting, I am not familiar with this game! #TerraCore?

It is an idle game, but you have entrance fees. I believe around 30 Hives to play it.

I have not checked the game although I've read other posts about it. Good that you are having fun with it.