The Next Crypto Cycle

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The next crypto cycle

We all know the next crypto cycle will occur in the next halving of Bitcoin, which will occur during the spring of 2024. This event will bring a massive new inflow of cash flow.

People will lose their minds, the euphoria will blind people to act irrationally because they want to become rich overnight. They will try to follow the guru's advice without doing their proper research.

You will see massive new projects that will get pumped very hard into the moon. This happens when we are in a bull run and where is so easy to make money.

The market is flat

Right now is hard to decipher the market and we don't know where we are going. Something I know for sure is the next bull run is near because the crypto market so far has always acted in a cycle.

History always repeats but always with an element of variation. So right now, the best option is to accumulate assets you are believing in. You don't need to chase always 100 projects at the same time because it is humanly impossible to follow all of them.

Time is a limited resource and you need to put energy into something productive. Follow projects where you have fun, believe, and are used personally.

Never follow the advice of complete strangers on the Internet.

Maturity crypto projects

One of the best places to expose yourself to crypto is with Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are here to stay and the price will only rise during the next bull run. Nothing is guaranteed, but investors want to have exposure to those assets.

A good bet is doing a simple action of doing DCA (dollar cost average). You remove fear and emotions from the equation. I know when you are going to check the numbers in the portfolio, you often experience stagnation.

It is part of the process to test your resilience and emotions as an investor. You learn by doing, not always chasing, the next 100x coins.

Investing is boring and you need to follow simple actions to see a big difference in your future.

Preparing for the next bull run

I still love the crypto market, but I have not found my secret ingredients to live in that space yet. I am not happy where I am right now, but I have made some progress.

Now I need to figure out what is the best path to achieve where I am to be. The next few months will be crucial to position myself for the next bull run that is near our door.

It is to take action daily and prepare the plan for my success. Crypto is here to stay and will make a big difference in my future.

Have a wonderful Saturday

PS: I am not a financial planner, and always do your own research.


Hey there Che mon ami. Good points there, let's keep the goal in mind. the bull market cycle is built into the bitcoin system so only time is separating us from the peak.

I totally agree and it will be fun when we are going to be there.

I know its hard to predict but still when do you expect the next bull cycle and what price for BTC ?

Price is difficult to predict but the next bull run is easy to predict if we look at the past patterns in the charts. Once the halving occurs in around April 2024, then we have until late 2025 for the bull market to play out. It's a four year cycle.

For everything I heard around in the cycle, I expect Bitcoin to make another ATH and maybe reach the 6 digits. It is really hard to know because this market is irrational!

Excellent information

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Yeah, it's definitely accumulation time... the final 6 to 9 months... before things start to get really wild!