My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.

Hope good health to all Splinterlands game players. Today, the splinterlands game's social media challenge is back again. I am a person who participates in the challenge of splinterlands game every week. But now, it's been more than weeks since the competition, and today I started playing again.I will competition for every week and dream to became a real splinterlands gamer.Today is a special day and I will try my best for my dream.

This week, I am playing with FIRE element, actually the theme card is from the earth element, but I don't has this card and so I use the fire element and fire summoner Tarsa, which I have been played for often and now. By sharing the same thing on social media, I entered the challenge.

By sharing it, the splinterlands game will become more popular and the development of the game will be improved.If I competition every week , that mean I promote the splinterlands game in every week.

Using FIRE element, TARSA is used as summoner. TARSA is my favorite summoner in FIRE element and ability is melee attack one plus to all monster and one health increase to my monster which makes my monster stronger.. My summoner support one melee & one healthy so I was used any attacker monster cards in battle and all of my card will gain one healthy from my summoner and also my melee monster can get one more melee attack from the TARSA. That's cool for the battle and more chance to win the battle.

That's why TARSA is often used. I used my theme card for this week is TENYII STRIKER for the social media challenge, so it is used in this game and that was I used the theme card from splinterlands social media challenge post. I don't have the original theme card from splinterlands social media challenge so I used the Djinn Renova for the theme card.

TENYII STRIKER is the Rare card from the fire element and it mana cost is 5 mana. TENYII STRIKER consist of 2 melee attack with 2 speed and its' healthy is 6 health.So it is a good healthy card from themelee attack card. The ability of TENYII STRIKER is sneak and it cam attack from any position and target to the last enemy monster. TENYII STRIKER is one of my favourite card from the fire element and melee attacker's card. So I often used this card and should be try with this card in battle.


LIVING LAVA is the tank position and first place for the battle. The reason is her strongest ability and strength. And good 3 melee attack with 1 speed ; 2 armor and 6 health.It was a melee attack card and 3 damage attack in each attack. Mana cost for this card is 7 and that is not much. The ability of this card is Shield and this ability can reduce damage from melee attack and range attack from the monster. This is helpful for my tank monster and good chance to win.

The other position are as follow and it was also melee attack monster and good attacker for magic and range attack in each.

This game is easy and simple and the battle was fought for a total of 5 rounds. So I say it's easy and simple. The total number of battle attacks for this match was 5 rounds. Both teams are very good and the selected cards last a long time. That's why this battle lasted so long and finally we won.

  • Battle round 1

  • Battle round 2

  • Battle round 3

  • Battle round 4

  • Battle round 5

  • The final round is reached round 5 and I was won the battle. In this battle I was remain one card from my team. My team was the best condition and all are strong.the health to the first place monster and cause of this, my team was won.

At the bottom of this post, I have shared the video link of the battle. In this link, my referral has also been included, and if a friend wants to start playing the splinterlands game, I invite you to use my referral link.

My battle video link with my referral

After you see that battle link and if you interest the #splinterlands game , use my referral and join to the splinterlands game.



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Nice battle.

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