Hello dear friends,
today I am sharing a sketch that I will use for a new painting.
It is for a friend's office that works with endangered plants and makes other ecological projects.
It shows two tattooed faces looking at each other.


Ciao cari amici,
oggi condivido uno schizzo che mi servirá per un nuovo quadro.
È per l' ufficio di un amico che si occupa di piante in via d' estinzione e altri progetti ecologici.
Rappresenta due visi tatutati che si guardano


The first face is that of nature and the second one is that of superficiality living at the cost of nature.

Il primo viso é quello della natura e il secondo quello della superficialitá che vive a costi della natura.


I will add more elements and details, but for now I am waiting for a response from my friend who commissioned it.
I hope you like the intermediate result and thanks for following me 😍

Ancora si aggiungeranno altri elementi e dettagli, ma per ora aspetto una risposta dal mio amico che l' ha commissionato.
Spero che il risultato intermedio vi piaccia e grazie per seguirmi 😍


Der Blick auf das Gesamtwerk (wie von dir zur Schau gestellt) lässt im positiven Sinn die Fähigkeiten erahnen, die in dir beheimatet sind.
Indem du beiden Charakteren spezifische Eigenschaften zugedacht hast, lässt du auch genügend Raum für sich aufdrängende Spekulationen.
So deutet die tätowierte Träne am Auge der »Natur« relativ eindeutig auf eine kriminelle oder gar Knast-Vergangenheit der facettenreichen Dame hin. Es könnte allerdings auch als Anklage gegen das »Trampeltier Mensch« gedeutet werden, die dessen Versuch beklagt, die »Natur« einzuzäunen. 😮
Ob allerdings die »Oberflächlichkeit« wahrhaftig durch und durch als Kontrahentin der Umwelt einzustufen ist - da melde ich dann doch leichte Zweifel an. Sie mag sich zwar am Konsum von Luxus (in diesem Fall die Perlenkette) ganz böse den Magen verderben, doch schließt es nicht aus, auch wieder zu Verstand zu gelangen. 😏

Danke vielmals.... es werden noch ein paar Ideen dazu kommen und die Kontrahentin ist noch ein wenig harmlos... Aber wie Du sagst soll ruhig ein Raum für Interpretation offen bleiben, oder ein Element mehrere Beteutungen haben können 🙏😃

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@janasilver denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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Me lo so perso questo, fichissimo!!!!

Grazie mille!!!! Come stai?.... Per ora ancora solo l' idea iniziale 😄

Oi scusami vedo solo ora le notifiche!!
tutto bene grazie! tu come va? che si dice giù in spagna? volevo scendere i primi di aprile, poi ti scrivo che ti passo a trovare se ci sei!

Ottima idea, parte bene !


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Grazie mille 😃

Molto bello visivamente e anche dal punto di vista del messaggio che vuole trasmettere!
!discovery 30

Grazie mille!!!! Si sta sviluppando.... speriamo che il messaggio passi anche a gli influencer di Temu, Shein, ecc.

Gespannt wie das herauskommt.

Danke ich auch schon 😃

@tipu curate 2 sempre bellissimi i tuoi lavori... anche a metà dell'opera dell'opera. !BEER

😃Grazie mille 🙏

I love art and when it is impregnated with deep messages that in a certain way are a voice of protest and a call to social conscience. A beautiful work!

Thanks for sharing.

Good day.

Thank you very much! Yes it is a protest 😎

Your friend will be so happy to see this
I can’t wait for you to add more elements and finish the touchings
It looks good already

Thanks so much 😃🙏

I have fallen in love with the details you have shown while painting this master piece. Keep up the good work.

Thanks sooo much 🤗

Wow I didn't know you are an artist. And I want to say you are a good artist, the drawing looks awesome and no doubt it will be more attractive when you complete the painting. Thanks for sharing with us and have a great week.

Thank you ver much

This is really amazing and mind blowing
So much creativity in this

Thank you so much 😃

I love all of your paintings like this and the way you describe all the details, you work so hard and spend so much time, they turn out to be so beautiful.

Thank you so much 😊

Most welcome dear.

It is not easy to create such a painting, a lot of hard work has gone into this work and the result is very good

Thank you very much 😊

Wow your painting is amazing I must confess. So amazing

Thank you very much 😊


Thank you so much 😍

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What a great job, I really liked what you did.

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