Hello dear friends,
This is Tino, my friend Gabi's kitten.
Actually she has another very sweet Siamese cat named Campa (from Campanellino which means Tinkerbell) but he is almost always in the garden chasing, so came also Tino, named Perfettino because he has all the paws in the same color 😍
Tino is very affectionate and got already in love with his new home and family, he really likes to be with people and of course he loves to play.
Now he' s exploring the terrace, but soon he will be able to go to the garden to chase with Campa, so next time I will photograph them together 😄


Ciao cari amici,
vi presento Tino, il gattino della mia amica Gabi.
Lei ha giá un altro gatto siamese dolcissimo che si chiama Campa (Campanellino) ma é quasi sempre fuori a caccia, cosí si é aggiunto Tino, dal nome Perfettino siccome ha le zampe tutte uguali 😍
Tino é molto affettuoso e si é abituato subito alla nuova casa e famiglia, gli piace molto stare in compagnia e ovviamente giocare.
Al momento sta esplorando la terrazza, ma presto potrá andare in giardino a cacciare con Campa e la prossima volta li fotograferó insieme 😄






I hope you like my cats impressions and thanks for following me 😍

Spero le mie impressioni feline vi piacciano e grazie per seguirmi 😍


Looks just like mine!

your friend is lucky to have this cat. She is adorable and has such a cute eyes. How old is she?

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I don't know exactly how old he is.... I think like 3 months 😄

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Thank you very much 😃

Che amorino!

Tanto amoroso 😁

I love your cat, she is cutie pie.

It's from my friend and it's a boy

Perfettino! I love the name. The cats looks so cute and of course, the expression got me laughing.

Yeah! He's so sweet 😃

Tino is really looking charming 🥰

Yesssssss, so lovely 😃

Tino is really looking so charming and beautiful I must confess

I also have two such beautiful white cats, they also roam around our house all day and when they go somewhere, the house becomes very quiet. It becomes amusing and then one gets used to living with them.

Ohhh so sweet! What's the name of your cats?

Tiger and Lily.

Cute tino

😍 Lovely TINO! 😻
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Aww your cat looks a lot like one I used to have.. he was a great cat.


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