My Physics Note : Simple Harmonic Motion

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The movement of motion of an object about a new position such that the acceleration at any point is proportional to the displacement of an object at that point and directed toward the mean position.

Graph Of A Simple Harmonic Motion
When a particle is undergoing simple harmonic motion, the displacement time graph of the motion is represented by a sinusoidal curve or sine curve.

Velocity Of An Object During Simple Harmonic Motion
When a body is undergoing simple harmonic motion, it sometimes makes another move in circle with uniform speed.
Such is the case with the movement of piston which brings about a rotational motion of the shaft in a car engine or the motion of a rod connected to the wheel of a mechanically operated foot sewing machine used by tailors.

Simple Harmonic Motion Formulae
We can now obtain formulae for use in simple harmonic motion for example, to design a spring below car bodies or to calculate the power from a loud speaker. Waves of all winds such as sound, light and water waves are produced by simple harmonic motion of particles of fields.


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