Tightening The Security Is Splinterlands Priority- Unlocking And Locking Your Cards


Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, it is another wonderful moment. Splinterlands team has taken this upon themselves and make sure to secure splinterlords and splinterladies assets online. Few weeks ago, there was an information that attacker broke some of the account and took away their cards worth a lot of money. The good news is that, we don't have to get scared of attackers again, splinterlands team has built remarkable security that will quarantine that your asset is well secured.

I was very happy when I had that you can lock or unlock your account which will prevent your asset for transferred and sold without your consent.
The first thing I did is looking for card to lock. I make sure a mark the card

The first step is to tick this box, by ticking it; it means you want to do something.

Then click the lock key, after clicking it, it will says, "you are about to lock your cards listed below, please understand how card locking works before continuing".


Then you need to enter the numbers of days you want your card to be locked
Then, I entered 30 days, which simply means it will take 30 days before you can sell your card but though,you can use it in battles, and lend it out.

Then, you click ok which simply means you are about to lock the card for 30 days.

You are required to enter your private key or master password. Once you entered it, it will be locked.

PSX_20210510_185845.jpg After you have locked your card, this is how it will look like.

After I locked Cerberus, I decided to test it, I used it in a battle.

PSX_20210510_192654.jpg click here to watch the battle.
I defeated stemonsters hand down. The main reason I battled was to use Cerberus after locked it.
MY first monster is living Lava, I intentionally chose it as my first monster because of it shield ability. Since the rule allow all melee Monsters to have sneaky ability. I knew there would be many melee Monsters in the battle. I knew 2 melee monster can only destroy 1 Heath from living Lava. Just like I knew,2 opponent Monsters had 1 melee attack which does not have any effect on living Lava. Though, I fucked up because, I should have put monster with shield ability behind the lineup since all melee Monsters have sneaky ability.

My second monster is Cerberus, this monster was place at second position to take over from living Lava if it gets destroys; Cerberus was among the monster that had high speed which made it to attack faster than any other monsters.

My third Monster is exploding dwarf. I hardly lose battle with this monsters. I knew this monster will destroy many Monsters with its exploding Ability. This monster is just like using one stone to kill to birt.

Kobold Miner: I think there is no need to bring monster with sneaky ability since the rule has said that. Bringing kobold Miner to the scene was as a result of its Mana cap. 2 Mana cap for wonderful monster like this is incredible.

Pit Ogre was my fifth monster, what made me to go for it was the number of health and stunned ability. But the stunned ability did not work but it was not eliminated at third round of the battle.

Furious Chicken was the last monster, there was no Mana cost left, and I have empty space to fill. Since furious chicken doesn't cost any Mana, I placed it as the last man to take the first attack from me.

At the end of the battle, my major priority was to test Cerberus after I locked it. Locking your cards is to safe you from hacker and enjoy your game. Your cards are safe and it will be difficult to take away without your consent. Am really happy with this improvement. Splinterlands is doing everything to make sure every player cards are saved.
All pictures and gif are gotten from splinterlands


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

I loved this new update, I'm going to start locking all my cards.