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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will share today's focus rewards along with a league advancement which is gold 1 after one week and the next target is diamond 3 which will be unlock soon in few days.



Did you guys notice that the current season is a bit difficult for all, especially for gold and diamond players i was stuck in the gold leagues (Gold 3) for the last 5 days while reached back to gold 2 yesterday, and today i crossed the next bridge of gold 1 and claimed the focus rewards of today. However, there are 6 days remaining in the current season so my target is to reach diamond 2 with a 3100 rating i will try my best to reach there and claim some focus rewards in higher leagues to get awesome rewards like chaos legion packs, higher DEC rewards, and merits tokens and much more.



Well, i have got some BCX of KULU SWIMHUNTER which is a common water monster from the chaos legion edition as i opened 7 packs yesterday and got some of the BCX so i am going to make it level 2 to increase the life of this card which is currently 4 at level 1 but at level 2 the life get increased to 5 i will show other cards and packs opening result in the next post.



It is true that in the higher league we are getting some nice rewards with DEC boosters and other gold and legendary card in which the DEC booster is working properly along with the gold cards but only common gold while the ratio of the legendary cards is lower so still not bad. However, as i up the league today which is gold 1, and also claimed the rewards in it in which i got one chaos legion pack with few merits and 200+ DEC including some common cards and potion charges.

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Good rewards this time, at least a $2 Chaos pack is nice gift for reaching Gold I, congrats bro.

I am trying hard to return to Bronze I but it seems way more tougher than ever, bots are very vicious and now they own very impressive cards to defeat the opponent.

Would mind please suggest some basic cards to rent to reach Bronze. Thanks



Thanks for the comment try to rent a level 1 ZAKU summoner you can easily up your league with that summoner.


Many thanks bro, I'll look for it now in the peakmonsters.