Today! 🀍🌸🌈

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Today is my little nephew's last day with us! He is going home now so we wanted to make today fun for him. He is very sad to leave. He wants to spend the whole vacation with me, but unfortunately this is not possible because he has courses to go to, especially swimming, which he has been doing for a long time and he is very good at it, so his parents want him to pay a lot of attention to it. That's why they want him to spend the summer vacation with training. Today we did whatever he wanted.



We went to the park and bought ice cream and had a fun day with our dogs. The ice cream was delicious, but since our dogs wanted to taste the ice cream, we ate it with a great struggle to keep it away from them. πŸ˜‚πŸΊπŸ€



Just now her mother came and picked her up and they went home. I already feel her absence. I miss her cheerfulness and games in the house. Her energy was very good for me too. We will plan a vacation with him as soon as possible. I am sure it will be so much fun! 🀍🌸🌈

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Looks like you’re nephew loves you a lot! Enjoy your day together!

Yes, I love her too 🌸🌈 I wish you a beautiful day. πŸ™