Galata Tower 1349! 🏰🇹🇷

Today I went out to research the market for a job I had planned. I didn't want to start the job I wanted to do without doing a detailed research to see it in place and understand what awaits me. Since it was a business sector that I had not experienced before, it was best to go and see it in place. In Istanbul, there was again an incredible traffic of both vehicles and people. People must have missed the hot weather so much that I guess they threw themselves outside when they saw the sun. All of Istanbul was on the streets! I often express that I don't like crowds. Being in such environments is not good for me, so I immediately focused on work and completed my work quickly. Before going back, I took photos of one of the most historical buildings of Istanbul for you.


Galata tower!

The Galata tower in Istanbul / Beyoglu was built in 1349 as a watchtower. It has served different purposes for many different activities until today. Since 2020, it has been used as an exhibition venue and museum.



Above all, for years, people have been planning their special moments here, such as marriage proposals. Every time I come here, I always witness a marriage proposal. At the same time, many TV series are also filmed here.


Although the structures and buildings are quite old, it is almost impossible to find an empty apartment here! Years ago, I wanted to buy an apartment here, but I gave up because of the crowds and the incredibly high prices of the houses. I still love this place enough to say "I wish I lived here!" when I come here, but as I said, it is an incredibly crowded place at all hours of the day and I love calmness. I think it is best to watch the historical structure of this place from afar.


Everywhere in beautiful Istanbul smells of history. The buildings I have seen many times make me feel the same excitement every time. Now I look at these photos I took and they look like works of art, don't they? It is a magnificent city!


There are very good buildings but there is also a lot of traffic. I don't like traffic just like you don't like traffic. I don't like people walking next to each other. Yes, but the buildings there are very beautiful.

Yes, unfortunately, there is incredible traffic and it is getting more and more intense every day. Istanbul is very beautiful but it is too crowded now.🙏

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