I wish I was a cat! 🐈‍⬛🗯️📈

in Olio di Balena • last year

Today, I met with a friend of mine who is interested in these things to get investment advice. As the economy of the country is getting worse day by day, things that would never happen are happening and purchasing power is decreasing day by day. In addition to this, housing prices and food products are experiencing incredibly high price increases. In such an environment, I cannot decide how to protect my financial gain. With the savings I made to buy a house, it was possible to buy a nice two-storey house last year, but now it is impossible to buy even an average apartment. I am very angry with myself for taking the wrong steps in this regard. The markets were turned upside down before I could invest because everything went up so fast. Now I am thinking about how to make the best use of the savings I have made. I don't know what to buy to protect my money in this inconsistent market where prices are rising at any moment and I am constantly seeking advice from someone. But since everyone is caught unprepared for this unexpected crisis, economists and investors do not know exactly what to do.



Turn the crisis into an opportunity!

I get a lot of different advice and do research every day to evaluate crisis environments. Some of my investments are in cryptocurrency exchanges, but unfortunately, there is still no development in cryptos! This market, which is going back and forth, is not very encouraging at the moment.

Since I don't know much about coins, I don't dare to be foresighted and invest. Especially in the midst of an economic crisis with an unknown end, I need to be careful with every step I take. My head is full of these things right now and I can't take the right step. For now, I will continue to research and hopefully I will take the right steps and turn this crisis into an opportunity. My head is so busy with these things that I bought a coffee today even though I don't like coffee!


I saw this sweet little cat in a store outside and I said to myself; "I wish I was you!" all he wants is to sleep in a warm place and eat. Being human is so complicated, I'm glad you are a cat... Wish me luck!