It contains plenty of oxygen! 🌳🌈🐺🀍

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Today we packed up our chairs, took my favorite snacks with us and went to the most beautiful forest in the city. Since this is a very popular and well-known place, it is almost impossible to find an empty seat. Every time we come, we have to look for a place for a long time. Since we have a dog, it's extra difficult because you need a big and empty space for him to run around and release his energy.



There are a lot of stray dogs here and they travel in packs. They don't accept a new dog and attack immediately. For this reason, we tried to choose a more deserted place to sit, but we had to sit somewhere we found because it was very crowded. As soon as we sat down, the dogs surrounded us! We showed them food and took them to a remote place and fed them, but after a while they came back. Some of them even tried to attack us. Fortunately, after great effort we finally managed to send them away! Only this little one sat quietly next to us. He was such a sweet and calm dog, all he wanted was to be stroked!


Of course, while I was petting him, our daughter got jealous and wanted to attack him. To calm her down, we gave her some of her favorite snacks and distracted her. We stayed in the forest for about 6 hours and she stayed alert the whole time.



After spending so long in the forest, I think the oxygen was too much for me and I fell asleep in the car on the way home! This is a first for me because I never sleep even on a long drive! Anyway, it was very good for all of us to spend a great day in nature. 🌳🐺🀍🌈

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